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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Robert Creeley

Robert Creeley died today.

Was hoping it was a mean April Fools day prank, but it is the 30th of March.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

LA Times: U.S. Obstructs Global Justice

Click the tittle to read the article. This is the letter I sent in response:

In his commentary for the LA Times, Jonathan F. Fanton states that, “U.S. citizens have nothing to fear from the International Criminal Court. Dictators, corrupt armies and armed groups in failing states do.” Maybe I am missing something here. Why should a dictator be afraid of a court which does not have him in its possession? Do you expect Dictator Y. to leave his country when summoned? Though this court has the potential to do many things, causing a reigning dictator to lose sleep is not one of them.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dancing in the street Posted by Hello

Behind the bar. Mr So holding a record on the left. Hung Ju facing us on the right. My jacket all by itself. This is Beatles. Posted by Hello

Dancing in the street

Black warrior and Indiana Review both sent notice that they got my work. Good to know, especially when you are sending work overseas. yesterday was a day of big sushi and a few hours reading Coming Through Slaughter at Krema. Later played Ping pong, learned that you have to throw the ball 21 centimeters in the air when you serve. news to me. am perfecting a new serve. Played pool for about one and a half hours, and because I lost, I paid. about 17 bucks US. Too much for such a short time. Later at Beatles. Long night of drinking. I took a picture at Beatles so you could see how many records they have. Thousands and thousands. Judas Priest to Phantom of the Opera, but no Frank Zappa. the other picture is just some girls dancing on the street. no idea why they were dancing, didn’t seem to be selling anything. I’d like to believe they were just doing it for the pleasure of passers by.

Monday, March 28, 2005

When David steals Goliath’s music

Click on the title to read the NY Times article. This is a letter I sent in response.

With all due respect to the money producing arts, poetry is alive and well though most poets earn little or no money directly from their work. The poet's reward is in the making of the work and the ability to participate in the discussion that the arts create. Since great poetry is free and available online, poets and other artists are able to learn from, and comment on, the work that is being created right now. I am thankful poets, not conglomerates, decide who the poets are. Without the incentive of money and fame, an art exists, and is populated by, people whose main concern is in the art itself. Poetry is free, I see no reason why the other arts shouldn’t be as well.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

In-soon and JWG. drink 3 Heineken, get a set of badminton rackets. drink 6, get two sets of badminton rackets. The second set is on the way.
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A good day of drinking on Easter Sunday. And, did I mention that it is baseball season? Hummmm Baby

If you scroll down to the pics, you will see my new buddies in Seoul. Drank in the park, got hungry, strolled through campus drinking Bud (Not me, I’d already finished mine) in the late afternoon. Then over to eat some Sam Kyup Sal and drink Soju, then to Beatles to drink a mix of Cass (typical big beer schwill you will find anywhere in the world) and Guinness. A quick run down of the past few days. 4 hours sleep. 20 hours drinking. Balanced life. Today though is a day of rest. Movies to be watched, Twix to be eaten. I have water and Blue PowerAde in the room. don’t think I will be seeing the outside again till the morn.

Yes, that is Bud Posted by Hello

A proper Easter Sunday Posted by Hello

Stan Javier 1999 Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Baseball Season Posted by Hello

15 point lead with 4 minutes left. Good God man, what happened?

After a long night out (didn’t get back in until after five), I got a good hour of sleep in, then up for the games. I have nothing intelligent to say. I told myself, when the game went into overtime, that there was no way that this game, win or lose, wouldn’t be great. Well, it wasn’t. If any of you saw the last play of confusion, cry with me. What an awful way to lose. Stoudamire doesn’t even touch the ball. Fry doesn’t touch the ball. all we get is a banked 3 point attempt. pitiful way to end. after such a wonderful game, to just give it away (not to mention the 15 point lead with 4 minutes left).

But my night out was a success. I am going to give some English talking to 8 college girls. Life could be worse, but alas, it could also be better. Just heading out the door now.

girl at the window Posted by Hello

girl at the window Posted by Hello

can of corn Posted by Hello

language learning

when I wake up in the morning my brain is going 100 MPH. I have books I need to read, coffee to make, internet news to read, poems to write, e-mails to send. I love all this stuff. just floating around. I have so many adventures inside my little room, inside my head. when people ask me what I do, I cant explain to them how I can spend a whole day in my room being productive, but not having many trophies to hold up and say, “this is what I did”. So I don’t.

an old friend from back in Tucson wrote to me. he gave me all the latest news, then at the end of his e-mail he said that I should really learn the language (Korean). I know he is just being supportive, and saying what most people think, that it is your duty to learn the language. But the thing is, I am not interested, I’m not going to do anything just because it is another man’s hobby. I never tell anyone to write poetry, or read poetry, or good literature, or spend time in their head. these are things I do, that I love to do, that require time. Someday, if I fall in love with a girl and a place, then I will learn the language because it will be important to me, until then, I’ll do other things.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Salim Stoudamire last second shot vs OSU Posted by Hello

The Evil in Bambi

good afternoon blogville. seems I only do this thing when the basketball is being played. U of A just advanced to the final 8. Play against Illinois in 2 days. Been talking with Pirooz and Stacy about starting a magazine. I think it would be fun. Still a bit giddy about the game.
Last night I went out with some teachers from fli. We played a trivia game. I only got a few answers, such as, who is the villain in Bambi, and who is the bad guy in the Good The Bad and the Ugly. For those of you back home, what is the capital of Australia? Lucky for me the team was not as ignorant as a whole as it was on an individual basis. We actually got almost every question right. quick, what are the three layers of rock in the earth?
In the end, I was nominated to break the tie. The championship question turned out not to be a question, I had to drink beer through a straw. Keg stands, yes, drinking beer through a crazy straw, that was new to me. The lug I went up against beat me by a half pint, celebrated, then came back to shake my hand. I won’t go down like that again. next time I play a game in which beer is sucked through a straw, I will win. Yo Adrian!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Salim round of 32 U of A Vs UAB Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sweet 16!

Soon there will be photos. Right now, we are learning, we are learning slowly, we are frightened.

The University of Arizona is in the sweet 16. Will have to get up nice and early to see who they are playing.

42opus does not want my poems; they want my cover letter. I think it will be up soon. Since I think they will have it up soon, I put the link in. And since I put the 42opus link in, and had so much fun doing it, I’ve put in a few more links. Rest assured, my work is forthcoming from, or already on, each of these sites. Good night.

Friday, March 18, 2005

NCAA Tournament

I ordered the online package for the NCAA tournament.
AFN (armed forces network) is only showing about half the games. I need them all. Today: Dominos pizza and Syracuse losing. Could be doing this in the states. Tonight. Maybe Shin Chon. Drink a bit of bad beer. Brag and lie. Make lots of friends. Then again, maybe Saturday Night live on AFN and an early bed time. Glamorous life, yes.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


The NCAA tournament opened today. Woke up at 2a to get the first game. Now it is just after 1p and I am running on fumes.

It was time for me to open one of these things. like looking at other people. Now at least they can look back at me.

Picks you can take to the bank.

NCAA Tournament: University of Arizona
MLB: San Francisco Giants