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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dancing in the street

Black warrior and Indiana Review both sent notice that they got my work. Good to know, especially when you are sending work overseas. yesterday was a day of big sushi and a few hours reading Coming Through Slaughter at Krema. Later played Ping pong, learned that you have to throw the ball 21 centimeters in the air when you serve. news to me. am perfecting a new serve. Played pool for about one and a half hours, and because I lost, I paid. about 17 bucks US. Too much for such a short time. Later at Beatles. Long night of drinking. I took a picture at Beatles so you could see how many records they have. Thousands and thousands. Judas Priest to Phantom of the Opera, but no Frank Zappa. the other picture is just some girls dancing on the street. no idea why they were dancing, didn’t seem to be selling anything. I’d like to believe they were just doing it for the pleasure of passers by.


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