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Friday, March 25, 2005

The Evil in Bambi

good afternoon blogville. seems I only do this thing when the basketball is being played. U of A just advanced to the final 8. Play against Illinois in 2 days. Been talking with Pirooz and Stacy about starting a magazine. I think it would be fun. Still a bit giddy about the game.
Last night I went out with some teachers from fli. We played a trivia game. I only got a few answers, such as, who is the villain in Bambi, and who is the bad guy in the Good The Bad and the Ugly. For those of you back home, what is the capital of Australia? Lucky for me the team was not as ignorant as a whole as it was on an individual basis. We actually got almost every question right. quick, what are the three layers of rock in the earth?
In the end, I was nominated to break the tie. The championship question turned out not to be a question, I had to drink beer through a straw. Keg stands, yes, drinking beer through a crazy straw, that was new to me. The lug I went up against beat me by a half pint, celebrated, then came back to shake my hand. I won’t go down like that again. next time I play a game in which beer is sucked through a straw, I will win. Yo Adrian!


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