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Sunday, March 27, 2005

A good day of drinking on Easter Sunday. And, did I mention that it is baseball season? Hummmm Baby

If you scroll down to the pics, you will see my new buddies in Seoul. Drank in the park, got hungry, strolled through campus drinking Bud (Not me, I’d already finished mine) in the late afternoon. Then over to eat some Sam Kyup Sal and drink Soju, then to Beatles to drink a mix of Cass (typical big beer schwill you will find anywhere in the world) and Guinness. A quick run down of the past few days. 4 hours sleep. 20 hours drinking. Balanced life. Today though is a day of rest. Movies to be watched, Twix to be eaten. I have water and Blue PowerAde in the room. don’t think I will be seeing the outside again till the morn.


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