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Saturday, March 26, 2005

language learning

when I wake up in the morning my brain is going 100 MPH. I have books I need to read, coffee to make, internet news to read, poems to write, e-mails to send. I love all this stuff. just floating around. I have so many adventures inside my little room, inside my head. when people ask me what I do, I cant explain to them how I can spend a whole day in my room being productive, but not having many trophies to hold up and say, “this is what I did”. So I don’t.

an old friend from back in Tucson wrote to me. he gave me all the latest news, then at the end of his e-mail he said that I should really learn the language (Korean). I know he is just being supportive, and saying what most people think, that it is your duty to learn the language. But the thing is, I am not interested, I’m not going to do anything just because it is another man’s hobby. I never tell anyone to write poetry, or read poetry, or good literature, or spend time in their head. these are things I do, that I love to do, that require time. Someday, if I fall in love with a girl and a place, then I will learn the language because it will be important to me, until then, I’ll do other things.


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