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Monday, April 25, 2005

etiquette and pizza

Is there an etiquette to posting blogs? I have all of 40 hits, most of them mine, but I wonder, are you allowed to erase a post after you make it? I just did. Did anyone notice?

Important stuff. I have eaten Dominoes Pizza for pretty much every meal since I learned what it was they were sticking on the outside of my box. coupons. Two per large pizza. I’ve collected 14 and am now qualified for a free cheese. But do I want the upgrade? do I want to chow through 3 more pizzas and get a free pizza with two toppings? Pineapple and mushroom is divine. But cheese is fine too. These are the serious problems I would like to discuss on can of corn.



yeah, i noticed. and of course it's just fine to edit your own blogs, we love you jim, you're the bestest ever.

1:55 PM


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