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Friday, April 01, 2005

I know a man

I am lifting this poem from the NY Times. It, the poem, seems appropriate. Lots of death these days, or maybe my reading is limited to the obituaries. Here is the poem:

I Know a man

As I sd to my
friend, because I am
always talking, - John, I

sd, which was not his
name, the darkness sur-
rounds us, what

can we do against
it, or else, shall we &
why not, buy a goddamn big car,

drive, he sd, for
christ's sake, look
out where yr going.

After a reading one time, while Creeley talked with everyone, Bobbie got me up to the front of the line to say hello, and all I said was hello. and he said hello. and after that exchange, she grabbed his notebook to show to me. I don’t know what kind it was, a hard back cover. but the cover could be removed. New pages inserted. I liked the notebook, turned the pages. Gave it back to him. Nice notebook, Creeley. Nice notebook, Bobbie.


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