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Sunday, April 10, 2005


School has started again. The early mornings, waking up at 5:30a, is not a welcome event. This is how it goes. Pan-sor-e music clicks on. if it wasn’t for this music the morning would be a complete bust. Pansori is one of a few classical Korean music styles. Only two people on stage. one sings. the pronunciation is fantastic. Like ancient rap, but crisp, and accompanied by only a drum. but the drummer makes noises like: Hay, or Hi, Ai, while he is drumming. And I am using he in the generic form here. both can be (me thinks) women.
Up with the pansori. out the door around 6. least now it is not dark. flowers are blooming and I have a 15 minute walk along tree covered hills. doesn’t feel at all like a city up here. just a few cars pass that early.
My first class is a post grad class. about 5 people are usually there. We do a bit of work from the book, but I introduced, and the introduction was well received, the idea of writing letters to the editor. so each day a student will bring in an article, everyone will go home that night and read it, then the next day we will talk about it. over the course of the semester the students will write 4 or 5 letters. figure this will help them put their English to use and also help their writing. This might not last long, or it might last the whole semester. my hours
M, Tues, Thurs, Fri

not a bad day. spend the rest of the time wandering the streets and reading online poetry and writing my own. Tomorrow is Monday so I get to start all over again.


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