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Monday, April 04, 2005


On Monday John, Rui, and I took a trip to the mountains. Bus to the subway. Subway for about an hour or so. Train for about one hour thirty minutes. Took the train to the farthest north station. Got to Sintan-ri at about noon. Only bits of patches of snow left over. Some wildlife; no leaves, were a bit early for that. It took us about 3 hours to climb up to the top. Trail maps said it was a 3.5km hike. that we rose about 700m. all along the way we saw old bunkers and machine gun turrets. These weren’t in use anymore, but you got a feel for what it must have looked like a few years back. at the top we ran into some South Korean military. They said no problem, that we could be up there, that it was the top of the trail. Then they went back to guarding their food. The food was brought up by a small motorized devise that ran on a track. It made a lot of noise and moved very slowly, but a fully armed man was near it at all times. looked like they were having some sort of fish steak. At the top I took this picture. you can see the guards and you can see to the north. at some point, it stops being The South, and becomes The North. Guard towers were on all the ridges. Each guard tower was flying a flag.
In many ways the hike reminded of Colorado. Mountains into plains. except when you climb the flat irons, you don’t see bunkers and military.
Easy trip back down. took about 2 hours. Was back home at 10p. slept for 12 hours. good morning


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