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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

South East Asian Dream

Kyle was talking about dreams on his blog. I was going to post there, but I’d rather post here, so incase I get lost, I can find my way back. My dream has nothing to do with a bus or a boat. Well, there is the dream of doing a summer writing course on this little island I know right near the Cambodian border, but that is something different, more distant, I need to get good first. This dream is something I think can happen really soon.

I’ve been living in Asia a few years now. I have an understanding of how things work in a few countries. last year I taught in Thailand. Great country. Food, drink, sunshine, easy going style, and, most importantly, cheap. I lived in Bangkok, the most expensive place to live in Thailand. Made only about 1,100 us per month. with that I was able to live in a plush apt. had a maid, my clothes got laundered and pressed. I drank as I like and ate as I liked. Money never really played a factor. Unfortunately I didn’t make enough to save or pay back school debt. So now I am in Korea, doing just that.

The plan is to return to Thailand in about 15 months. This time though, no more Bangkok. Maybe Chiang Mai, Pattaya, who knows. And this time, when I return, I want to teach an online writing course. Make dollars, spend Baht. would also have to teach esl part time to get the papers, but esl is fun, and a few hours of it cause no pain. but this is not the whole dream. the most important part of the dream is to have friends down there. If each of us taught an online course or two, we would be rolling in the bucks and have so much free time to talk and write and adventure around it would be disgusting. How many of you are tired of living in an apt? How many of you are tired of the winter? Working 40hrs per? being isolated? All of this is too easy and too close. This can really happen. all it takes are a few of us. Get yr work published. Get the online teaching job. Go to Thailand. Live like a writer.

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At the lake. Summer 2000. Base for the story on the BBC. Tim is wearing gray.
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books & Birthday

Drinking a PowerAde and recovering. Long Tuesday night. Woke up today to remember that I got 5 books in the mail:

1. A hard cover “pound era”. supper cool. already have a beaten up copy. It has been in the blog before. I suspect it was the cause of my spring time cough. So now I have this bright and shinny book.
2. “the elsewhere community” another book by Hugh Kenner. I own 3, there are a few more coming in the mail.
3. “The Maximus Poems” bc it is time Olson became a part of my life.
4. “The complete poems of Hart Crane” I ordered this and his biography at the same time. Didn’t have any idea who Crane was. Knew the name, but none of his work. In the bio there were examples of his work and, of course, stories from his life. Neither interested me that much. Maybe this book, in a few years, will ring true. However, right now, Crane is of little interest.
5. “discrete series” by george oppen. I ordered this and “A” at the same time. “A” was sent to NC, this was sent to Korea. Very excited to get into oppen. read some of his work in Kenner’s “A homemade world”, loved it, needed it. Thank you professor Kenner.

There has been too much time away from the blog. Missed seeing all of you folks. Today the connection seems to be ok, but who knows… This blogging is truly selfish. Sean asked why I didn’t just send out mass e-mails. Far as I can tell, the reason is that I want unknown people to see me. Also, blogging is not so aggressive. If you don’t want to swing by, you don’t have to. nothing much goes on here anyway. I wouldn’t have sent this post as an e-mail. There is really nothing in it. Why would someone want an e-mail of my reading list? But this blog is also a bit like a public diary. It will be useful to look back and see where I was on different days.

Today is my brother’s birthday. he was the best. a confidant, a humor extraordinaire, a tough guy. he was everything you could want in a brother/friend. The laughs we fell into are sorely missed. Enough of that, Tim, you know where you stand. Happy 26th

Monday, May 30, 2005

Where I’ve been

A few computer problems have come my way. For some reason I am able to log on at 5:30a, but shortly thereafter, I am not. This should all be straightened out soon. Gotten a lot more book reading in these past few days. This is good, but the online poetry and blog reading is missed.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Free Speech

Received this today from Sean MacInnes.

I've recently been afforded a wonderful job opportunity at Free Speech TV right here in beautiful Boulder, CO. I'm working as Production Coordinator on a show called "SourceCode". It's a weekly half hour show in a ten-part series beginning to air in September in which we will be critiquing current issues through the lens of "Empire". Hmm?

The attachment I've sent along is for a weekly segment called Activist Nation, which is specifically for quote unquote grassroots filmmakers and such.

However, please let me know if you have any wonderful stories you think we should give more development to and send any pertinent contact info to

Free Speech TV is not producer specific, we are a non-profit organization which provides a platform -that is we don't have money to help people make product, but we can help them fundraise and provide a place for their production.

The station just recently visited The National Conference on Media Reform in St. Louis, where we interviewed the likes of Michael Copps, a Democratic Commissioner for the FCC, Tim Walker from Adbusters, Sut Jhally producer of “Hijacking Catastrophe”, musician Patti Smith, John Stauber from PR Watch, Nolan Bowie from Temple University, and John Nichols from The Nation.

In the coming weeks we will be in Washington DC for the Take Back America Conference –look out Howard Dean. Then we stay here in Denver for a Conference on
Investigative Journalism.

You not only have a right to free speech, you have a right to an audience!

Free Speech TV is now accepting short videos and Flash animations to be aired starting in September as a part of our half-hour weekly show "SourceCode”.

Shorts that are selected and contracted for national broadcast on FSTV will receive a nominal $50 fee and a screen credit at the end of the show, including an email or website address for direct viewer response.

Shorts of any genre must be of broadcast quality, in DV, mini DV, or DVD format only, and should be one to four minutes in length.

Selections will be made according to how the short advances the topic of each show as proposed by the following topics concerning National and/or International, Historical and/or Current, Public and/or Personal Stories of:

Military and Political Policies and Events; Demonstrations and Protests; Grassroots Activism, Volunteer Organizations; Urban and Rural Election Issues, Human Rights and Civil Liberties; Opposition to Dissent; Patriotism; Propaganda; Censorship; Immigration Issues: Religious Rights; Separation of Church and State; Destabilization of National Infrastructure including public transportation, health care, educational, and prison systems, etc. The Internet as Global Community; Blogs, etc. Globalization; Privatization; Corporate Consolidation; (Un)Employment; Any of the wide variety of Environmental and Natural Resource Issues, with particular interest in Water Pollution, Water Rights, Drought, and how those Effect Agriculture; and, of course, any thing else you care to shake a stick at!


Send Submissions to:

Free Speech TV
P.O. Box 6060 Boulder, CO 80306
Attention: SourceCode, Activist Nation

Inquiries please email:
Subject: Activist Nation Shorts

Free Speech TV, (DISH Network, channel 9415) and Free Speech Internet Television ( are Non-profit Organizations working in media to cultivate an informed and active citizenry in order to advance progressive social change by promoting participatory democracy, grassroots organizing, and cross-community dialog.

The North

North Korea is very much an issue right now. Since I live in Seoul, they could end up being very much my issue. Because I’ve thought about the North and the South and the US a bit lately, I’d like to give this little dust up some face time in the corn.

At 7a, four days a week, I teach postgraduate students. These are the folks that have already been through the 9 levels of the FLI program. Their English is far from perfect, but it is pretty good, sometimes there is confusion over prepositions, but rarely is there any confusion over intent or content. At the beginning of the semester we decided to get our reading material from newspapers. The students could choose the paper, so long as it was in English. A few weeks back an article about North Korea was brought in. It had to do with the possibility that the reactor which had stopped was stopped so that material necessary for The Bomb could be extracted. Bombs are bad; we in the South don’t want the North to have the bomb, right? Wrong. Well, there was no consensus, but one young woman called the North “heroic”. They were the only country in the world that was standing up to the USA, she said. An older woman, in her early 50s, couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She said that no one in her generation would say that about the North. That the North was a repressive and disgusting government.

If you look at polls you see that the older generation is very supportive of the United States and its role in South Korea. Whereas the younger generation is almost completely against American policy on the peninsula. Earlier this semester I attended an Anti-American (USA) rally on the Yonsei campus. It was on the campus, and I was walking home, so I stopped in to see what was up. just stayed out of everyone’s way and watched. Lots of music, lots of play war, lots of chants, but I couldn’t understand a thing that was said (no surprise. It was in Korean. I have about 20 words.). I never felt threatened, it just seemed like kids having fun. So there are plenty of Anti-American (and, for the most part, foreigners are treated well; it is the government that the protestors are angry with) protests, but I haven’t seen any Anti-North Korean protests (by the youth). I am sure they exist, I just haven’t seen any. On numerous occasions I’ve seen banners with the Statue of Liberty decked out in all her imperialistic glory (See statue of liberty with M-16, SL with missiles in her crown, Money in her teeth, etc), and the American flag in all kinds of guises (See swastikas for stars, Guns for stars, red stripes dripping blood), but I have yet to see anything like this directed toward the North.

So what is going on here? I don’t have any conclusions, but I do have a few ideas. Korea has been a pawn in world politics for, god, I’d don’t know, lets just put it at a few hundred years. Recently, it was a Japanese colony. It has never been (until now) a world player. The world just played on it. Many in the South still feel this way. They feel that they are at the mercy of these great big powers, that their government acquiesces to American, Japanese, and Chinese demand, and in the end, they are just a small country. And they are smaller bc of this line drawn a few kilometers north of Seoul. Korea should be united. Can’t tell you how many times I have heard that. And I agree. Korea should be united, but how? There isn’t much of a response to this. No one is quite sure how, but at least in the younger generation, there is certainty that the reason why they are not united now is bc of the USA. So although it is the North that is now unwilling to rule out a preemptive strike, and this strike would not be at the USA, but at the people of Seoul, the US still comes out the bad guy. Kim Jung Il is just doing what he has to do. This is all GW’s fault. The fact that the North, with all her starvation and repression, and now her threat to the South, could be considered “heroic”, gives me pause, and makes me wonder what it is that we are looking at. Are we looking at the same thing?

I have also been told, by Korean friends, that many in the South are not upset about the North getting The Bomb bc when unification comes, Korea will be a world power, will finally be able to defend its own.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

4 questions

Wednesday at 5p and I have nothing better to do than ask a few questions.

1. What is the SoQ that Silliman is talking so much about?
Here is my understanding:
These are the people that take you by the hand and lead you through the poems. They give canned laughter so you know when to laugh. I heard their poems described as though the poem/poet was the first bird, and we, the readers, were the birds in the periphery of the V.

2. Why are we blogging?
Sean e-mailed me the other day and said he is not sold on the blog. That he sees my blog but does not see me. I agree. my e-mails have a much different tone than the tone of this blog. Guess I am still learning how to use it. When I write an e-mail, there are things we (the recipient and I) share. Here, I am alone, talking to myself… but that is not quite right. I read your blogs. I know you read mine. But what we share, and the intimacy in which we share, varies greatly. Here I am making old friends and connecting with new. Why do you choose to post the things that you post? Are you showing yrself or yr work? I wonder if I am showing either. How can I do this better?

3. Do you think having a blog increases your chance of being published? And those of you out there who are magazine editors, do you think that editing yr magazine increases your chances of getting yr own work published? And how important is publishing to you? Right now, for me, it is very important. And yes, I believe the blog helps. And yes, I believe editing a magazine helps. Maybe I should start a magazine. Been thinking about it. But why? Not sure exactly what I could add.

4. Pobre and Blackbird, when are those web sites gonna be up(I know Pobre is working towards one, but Blackbird, what is the good word?)? Not that you are clamoring for my work, I know you can do without it, but from where I stand, the website is of vital importance. not that I have much traffic on this site, but I know that some people that come have no idea what The Mouse is about. Are there advantages to not having a web site? It certainly keeps it more local. Spicer would like it. Spicer would not have a blog.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

stick it

No from Stickman, but a yes from God.

last time Stickman wrote me:
Thank you for your interest in Stickman Review. Although your
submission was not quite right for us, it did receive extra attention
beyond the first reading, and we encourage you to try us again.

so I sent them more work. they wrote back:

Thank you for your interest in Stickman Review. Although your
submission was not quite right for us, it did receive extra attention
beyond the first reading, and we encourage you to try us again.

I trust that my work was in fact read a few times, but maybe that truth could be expressed in varied ways.

In the end, I am just glad anyone is reading my work. There is never more than a spoonful of bitterness. Appreciate the time these folks (i.e. editors the world over) put in just to bring us (some of) the poetry we deserve.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Is it still June, Pobre?

No from Conjunctions and Salt Hill and Thicket.

Kyle, we miss you. A resurrection is needed. “Necromancer, Necromancer, pull down your pants.”
And Kyle, since we are talking to you. When is that deadline for Pobre?
And Sara, since you are every bit as much the editor as Kyle, when is that deadline for Pobre?

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Fantasy Baseball Update

1 Portland Potshots
220.5 -1.5 17 10
2 Pickled Mango
220 +7.5 8 19
2 The Nolens Volens
220 -1.5 11 26
4 Slaughterhouse Nine
201.5 -3 18 16
5 The Singing Knives
200.5 -0.5 12 27
6 Ann Arbor Martyrs
192.5 -1 7 43
7 Bad Horse
191 0 19 39
8 Hott Dixx
186 -3 5 5
9 shut the flap
182 -0.5 4 5
10 Death To Bud Selig
180 -5 2 1
11 The Ironic Names
175 +1 3 2
12 Word Dogs
173 +10.5 6 1
13 The Scaffold
172 +0.5 9 18
13 Fatty Fatty 2x4
172 -5.5 16 40
15 Harlequins
165.5 +4 13 13
16 Good-Wood-Pork-Cork
160 -3 14 49
17 Quahogs
150.5 +2 15 13
18 Phillies
140 -3 1 1
19 Good Night Nurse
118 +2 10 39

Mango is moving up. No help from me

who done it?

Kyle warned us he would be away. However, the disappearance of his blog has raised a few questions. First, the obvious one: Who did it?

I would like to accuse Sean MacInnes, since he is usually in Kyle and Sara’s place when they are gone, but from what I can tell, he is still in Boulder. Can that be verified? Even still, he could have made the trip out to SF in less than a day, and been back the day after. Would anyone have missed him?

Friday, May 20, 2005

North Carolina Literary Review

Thank you for the, “no”. “Dear writer” was a nice touch. until then. Best. JWG

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Fishing at Ducts

Pirooz and I have fiction forthcoming in the next issue of Ducts. Some of you have read the fishing piece on the BBC. Well, Ducts accepted that very piece. Of course, I told them it was already published, but it seems that they did not mind.

JWG and his early morning class.

At FLI we have the option, once a semester, of meeting outside the classroom. Actually, we can do it as much as we like, but once a semester the class is actually official. So what you see above is an English class just the way it should be taught. This was the first stop. Cass and sam gyup sal. Next was a regular old bar. Finally, we hit a dance club, where JWG, once again, hit the floor.
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Hitchcock was right.

A friend of mine had a crazy father. The man would walk around all day, waving his hands behind his head, shouting, “the birds, the birds”. That was his life, that was what he did.

Monday, May 16, 2005

blogging generation

I am reading Hugh Kenner, thinking about communities and isolation, and being grateful that I live in this time, where I can be in Korea, yet still be around. I have never felt closer to a larger community than now. I miss the talks over a pint. That is where the best learning and teaching occurs,but short of that, this is awful nice. I was reading Silliman’s blog, and he is calling us “the blogging generation”. There is something to that. The blog creates a community where we can talk, and this talk allows each of us to do as we wish. If we want to talk about gardening or baking cookies, that is great. Before each of us was a poem, there was no face. Now there are faces everywhere. I know people I would not have known before. In my mind, one of the biggest things Naropa taught us was how to live like writers. We saw these communities, but we also saw how they grew. Berrigan came to NY with Tulsa, but that Tulsa expanded, it never went away, but it became inclusive. I think that is what this blogging allows us to do.

Sadly, there aren’t the cheap rents in SF or NY anymore, and writers have less time to do the nothing that helps us write. I need my nothing time. Found it over here teaching English. I work hard, but most of my day (from 830a – 630p) is my own. It would be even better in Thailand. Teach an online course (how many of you have done that? Where? How do I sign up?), teach a few ESL classes, then spend the rest of the time doing what you love. I see no reason why a writing community that exists on the ground must exist in the states. Seems to me what is most important are the people around you and the time you have. Am I missing something here? Some of you might have great gigs going, but if not, why are you where you are? I am still about a year away from returning to Thailand, but when I do go back, I hope to see some of you there.

I love the blog, but a pint is better.

and since I mentioned Kenner, here is a quote from him that might be relevant to blogging. "In no other country" but America, Kenner observed in "A Homemade World," his 1975 study of American modernist writers, "would it have been plausible for the telephone to be invented, which allows one to enter another's house without the ceremonies of entrance or introduction, and moreover without actually going there."

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Fantasy baseball update

Overview: California Penal
Season Standings View Complete Standings
Rank Team Points Pts Change Waiver Moves
1 The Nolens Volens 231 -0.5 17 21
2 Ann Arbor Martyrs 210.5 -7.5 9 38
3 Portland Potshots 208 +1.5 7 9
4 The Singing Knives 203.5 -0.5 18 25
5 Bad Horse 201.5 +0.5 13 34
6 Hott Dixx 199 -4.5 5 3
7 Death To Bud Selig 197 +16 2 1
8 Pickled Mango 193 -2 10 17
9 Slaughterhouse Nine 180 -6 8 12
10 shut the flap 176.5 -1.5 4 3
11 Word Dogs 176 +13 6 1
12 The Ironic Names 174.5 +0.5 3 2
13 Good-Wood-Pork-Cork 164.5 -4.5 19 41
14 Fatty Fatty 2x4 164 +9 16 36
15 The Scaffold 163.5 -6.5 11 16
16 Harlequins 161 0 15 12
17 Quahogs 154.5 -2.5 12 12
18 Phillies 140 -0.5 1 1
19 Good Night Nurse 122 -4 14 36

Fantasy baseball update:
The Mango is on a downward slide that I do not know how to end. The Nurse will see me soon, if it doesn’t keep running further south.

Sent a few pieces over to My Vocabulary. Missed the show today… oh, no I didn’t. Sunday for me, Saturday for you… I get another chance. Maybe I will hear it tomorrow.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Best New Poets Posted by Hello

Best New Poets

A new anthology from Meridian. I just submitted. $8 covers the submission fee and also gets you the magazine at a discount.

Friday, May 13, 2005

My Vocabulary

My Vocabulary, a show broadcast by UCSD, is looking for recordings of poetry to play on the radio. Send them your work, your friend’s, your foil’s.

Greek and Latin papyri at Oxford and Naples

good news, sounds like we WILL have more to read soon. I’d heard “yes”, then I’d heard “no”, but this “yes” seems to reduce the chances of another “no” to about 0.

thanks to Lisablog and her loyal correspondents

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Pete from England, Ken from Los Angeles, Terrance from Ireland, and JWG behind the camera. What, you think I am going to ask our opponents to take a picture?
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how we play in Seoul

Who wants game? If you can’t find a good game in the states, get on the plane and bring your skills out here. Every Friday the fearsome teachers take the court, what do you think happens? That’s right sucka, schoolz n session.


Issue 2.1 of KNOCK is up. I can’t wait to get my copy in the mail.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

World Baseball Classic

The World Cup is coming to baseball. They are in the process of finalizing things (such as rules concerning pitch count and mandatory days of rest between appearances), but it seems like it is a go. In 2006, the finals will be in the USA. But after that, one might assume, the home country will be changed. How great would it be to see these games in Panama or the Dominican Republic?

Does anyone else hate the name, “World Baseball Classic”?
who cares about the stupid name, so long as there is no DH (Which of course, there will be), Day games (they will be few) and no metal bats (I think we can expect wood), I will be in seventh heaven. All of that aside, this is going to be fun.

Another of my baseball related fantasies is going to the Caribbean World Series. Can’t think of a better way to spend a month or so in the winter.

Hazard of the Blog

Reading Silliman’s blog. last two days I have ordered two things he mentioned. First Shiny (from SPD. Think I talked to a Brent. Same one?). then today, Fulcrum 3. Can’t wait to read it. centers on the Berkley renaissance. I finished Poet Be Like God a few months back. I can’t get enough of Spicer, either his work, or about his person (and the people around him). So excited to learn more about the Berkley Renaissance. have you folks in SF gone a looking for Spicer hangouts?

last night some of you received some posts on your blog. if you look now, you will notice they have been erased. Seems I stumbled into a big hazard of blogging. It was too late. I had a bit to drink. Was feeling awfully full of myself (acceptance from Nidus), and I figured I had something to say. So I did. thought I was being helpful. Now realize that I wasn’t being helpful and had nothing of importance to say (what is new?). will try and keep my posts confined to hours that are not considered “the wee morn”.

One of the best things about teaching at Yonsei is getting Wednesday off. Seems like I hardly work. 4 classes, then a day off. 4 classes, then a weekend. just had a few sandwiches delivered. Won’t have to leave the room the rest of the day.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Nidus says,” yes”. oh boy. good night. Too late for much else. will give you some real thoughts when I wake up in the morn. right now it is 426a and I have been dancing like Travolta.

where do you want your work

There have been a few comments on this site, and on others, about submissions, and how not to respond to a rejection. So let’s just forget about those pesky rejections. They don’t matter. What I would like to know is where are you submitting? Why are you submitting there? My latest acceptance was at TYPO. I’ve already talked them up, but I will do it again. It is my favorite magazine. Simple, all about the work. The poems wear their clothes well. But I am also submitting to University presses. They look good on the resume. Especially over here. No one knows TYPO, but if I am in the Yale Review, my life turns awfully good. Yale or Harvard equals success in Korea. To be published in either journal would make my life easier, my options would open up.

A bit of honesty here. I haven’t read most journals I submit to. I read who they have accepted, I read what they post online, but that is about it. I don’t think we, as poor poets, should be expected to buy every journal we hope to be included in. What, if the acceptance is less than 1%, you want me to buy 100 journals at 7 -15 bucks a pop, be fair. (being overseas, the library is not much of an option. But even if it was. I figure there are other ways to determine if I like a magazine. Simply, if they publish me, there will be at least one poem that I think rocks, and I suspect that if they think my work rocks, then they will surround it by others that they think rock, and I would be willing to bet that we agree on what rocks and because we do, most likely, the whole magazine will be full of rocks. They like me, I like them. Even if they say no, it does not even pebble, I don’t think that reading my work caused them pain, and if it did, I’d like to cause them more (is it wrong to make jokes about Franz? I hope not, bc that was some wacko stuff he wrote.).)

So who does read these things? How many journals do you subscribe to? I figure I buy around 10 per year. Conduit is the only one I subscribe to, and again, it isn’t a University press, just an independent I think is great. Bought a few 6X6 the other day, and will again, another great independent.

But most of my journal reading occurs online these days. Already mentioned TYPO, another great one is Octopus.

Just curious what your guys thinking is. Who are you shooting for? Why? What rules do you play by? What is the grail, and again, why?

Sunday, May 08, 2005

a new link

Ok, so there are maybe 500 or so folks listed on Ron Silliman’s blog, and now I am one of them. I wrote in the other day, just talking about something that was said about Shine (a magazine based in Denver. not on the net. One of the things I commented on), came back today and I am on the list. This is not to say anything besides, I have huge respect for that blogger and his blog, and when someone links, I like to reciprocate. Enough said. Blog on.

If you can't say something nice

If you want to see how not to respond to a rejection, see Adam Clay’s bog. He gives a link.

What is the worst thing you (dear readers) have said to an editor who rejected your work?

Sent off work today to Denver Quarterly, Pleiades, & Hotel Amerika. And if you think Fraz was a bit out of hand, check out what I said to Georgia Review on this blog. He's got nothing on me.

Fantasy Baseball

Rank Team Points Pts Change Waiver Moves
1 The Nolens Volens 228.5 -6.5 19 9
2 Ann Arbor Martyrs 209.5 -6 11 34
3 The Singing Knives 205.5 -5.5 14 20
4 Pickled Mango 202.5 -4.5 16 14
5 Portland Potshots 201 +7.5 9 8
6 Good-Wood-Pork-Cork 198 -14 7 30
7 Death To Bud Selig 193 +4 3 1
8 The Scaffold 192.5 +5.5 18 12
9 Bad Horse 191 +2.5 13 29
9 Hott Dixx 191 0 6 3
11 The Ironic Names 185.5 -8.5 4 2
12 Slaughterhouse Nine 182.5 +2 10 12
13 Harlequins 170 +1.5 2 9
14 Word Dogs 167 +1 8 1
15 shut the flap 164 +3.5 5 1
16 Quahogs 140 -3 15 8
17 Fatty Fatty 2x4 139.5 +7 17 25
18 Good Night Nurse 136 0 12 29
19 Phillies 123 +13.5 1 1

These are the standing as of May 8th. I am the Mango. Matthew Henriksen is the Singing Knives. Zachary Schomburg is Good night nurse. I only wish the league was head to head (football in a few months) bc I enjoy the sound of poet tears. If anyone wants to claim their team (before it is put to sleep), please do.

Did anyone see the Castillo Corrales fight? ESPN says it was the fight of the year, fight of the new century. Seen Corrales fight many times, wish I could have seen this one. Posted by Hello

My Dad

It is my blog, so if I want to brag on my Dad, I can. Does reps on the bench with 225. Runs distance most every day. Is just a general hunk. Somehow I missed out on the good genes. Besides being a strapping physical specimen, he is an all around good guy. He is going on to compete in the North Carolina Games. Not sure which events he qualified for. As my mother keeps me up to date on her husband’s feats of strength, you too will be informed. Good luck!

jdg takes a leap

long jump Posted by Hello

Dad in lane 1 100m Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Not enough night

Naropa has a new online magazine. seems that right now they are not accepting submissions. Also seems that I just had a typing related accident. Just might be a blister growing under my right thumb nail. Good day.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Corona in the fridge. Mad man at the table. How did I get past the border?

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Last night, because Langley is coming soon, we drank Makkoli. Need to get an understanding of this drink so I can act the part of the host. It kicked my ass again. I love that stuff. Swore it off at 8a. it is 11a and I am ready for a bit more. Who wants to meet up for a drink? Guess I’d already taken all the pictures I wanted before we got to the traditional restaurant. T.R. is the place you guys would probably most like to see. Wooden. On the floor. that drink of the devil. all of these would have been good pictures. Instead you get: 1. In-soon and food. 2. In-soon and beer and jwg. why smile when you can grimace? Has the finger thing caught on in the States yet? It is all the rage here. Only when you sneak up on a girl can you get a shot without it. Note to self: Investigative poetics. you have a right to know and I have nothing better to do with my time.

yesterday, on the way to school, I fell. Big slip. Wet pants (from rain). Broken umbrella. Jwg was almost unharmed. Who is this jwg I hear so much about? it better not be the author talking in 3rd person.

rejection from University of Georgia. You know what, jwg rejects you too. Now how do you feel big shot?

In-soon is not impressed with my need to take pictures. But look at all that food.
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Thursday, May 05, 2005

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You always get free food when you go out in Korea. Sometimes nuts, sometimes seaweed (kim), sometimes cuttlefish. I love every food I've had in Korea except for the cuttlefish. Cuttlefish is a white and stinky fish jerky. Doesn’t work for me. might work for you. In the picture above you have kim. They give a nice light soy/vinegar sauce to dip it in.

finished my morning class. Went without a hitch. Now I have 8 hours to myself. I think I read too many blogs. Glad all of you are getting into the game. A suggestion to the new bloggers out there. Get one (or both) of the trackers at the bottom of this page. I have 3. The one with rolling numbers is worthless. only thing it does is tell me how many times I have visited this site (subtract blogpatrol from it, and the remaining are my hits). But the other two are cool. You can see who is looking at you. who is linked. Make new friends. Do a bit of spying. I know when you have been here.

Lady Dai.

I know not all of you click on my links. Just want to make sure you see this picture. Lady Dai exists in a tomb in the floor of this museum in Changsha. I saw her when I was teaching at Central South University of Technology.
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So many mouse

I just saw the picture on Sara’s page. How many Pobre Mouse were made? And each is different. the variety is.

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Cinco De Mayo

I know there is more to Cinco De Mayo than beer and friends. But beer and friends are awfully nice.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Rejection from Alaska Quarterly.

Rejection from Alaska Quarterly.


Yesterday I went to the British Museum collection at the Seoul Arts Center. Earlier in the year I’d seen an exhibition of Dali there. Nice museum, always something new. This time I saw my second mummy. The first was Lady Dai in Changsha (click on link). But there was only one mummy, the rest was sculptures, paintings, fabric, tablets, and metal works. The highlight for me was this little head carved out of coral. I stared and it stared back. Moved and it watched me. It was angry about something. there were tablets from Egypt. Reading about Chinese Characters. Here again are the pictures. There is an immediacy in them that is not in our letters. All of them are familiar.

Whenever I see things of the ancient world I think about the times before they were made, and then about the act itself. I try and picture the artist at the moment of creation.

There were statues from Greece and Rome. The light was always on the front. Why is the back less interesting? So let’s talk about the front. Lots of idyllic beauty in these statues (saw Dionysus yesterday). But in this beauty there is also realism. nice sculpted bodies. But the cock is always out of proportion, strange, twisted, and usually small. Think that if these things were to be sculpted today the wang would be down mid thigh.

After the museum we walked up the road to see a temple. The pics are below.

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Mi-kang and her friend. Both showed me around the museum and then took me to the temple just up the road.
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About the temple and the statue
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Buddha statue
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