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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

4 questions

Wednesday at 5p and I have nothing better to do than ask a few questions.

1. What is the SoQ that Silliman is talking so much about?
Here is my understanding:
These are the people that take you by the hand and lead you through the poems. They give canned laughter so you know when to laugh. I heard their poems described as though the poem/poet was the first bird, and we, the readers, were the birds in the periphery of the V.

2. Why are we blogging?
Sean e-mailed me the other day and said he is not sold on the blog. That he sees my blog but does not see me. I agree. my e-mails have a much different tone than the tone of this blog. Guess I am still learning how to use it. When I write an e-mail, there are things we (the recipient and I) share. Here, I am alone, talking to myself… but that is not quite right. I read your blogs. I know you read mine. But what we share, and the intimacy in which we share, varies greatly. Here I am making old friends and connecting with new. Why do you choose to post the things that you post? Are you showing yrself or yr work? I wonder if I am showing either. How can I do this better?

3. Do you think having a blog increases your chance of being published? And those of you out there who are magazine editors, do you think that editing yr magazine increases your chances of getting yr own work published? And how important is publishing to you? Right now, for me, it is very important. And yes, I believe the blog helps. And yes, I believe editing a magazine helps. Maybe I should start a magazine. Been thinking about it. But why? Not sure exactly what I could add.

4. Pobre and Blackbird, when are those web sites gonna be up(I know Pobre is working towards one, but Blackbird, what is the good word?)? Not that you are clamoring for my work, I know you can do without it, but from where I stand, the website is of vital importance. not that I have much traffic on this site, but I know that some people that come have no idea what The Mouse is about. Are there advantages to not having a web site? It certainly keeps it more local. Spicer would like it. Spicer would not have a blog.


Anonymous John Sullivan said...

Pobre / Subday web site, getting very close. A matter of days, we think.

8:48 AM

Blogger Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Well, Jim. Interesting questions.

Is blogging for losers? I don't know.

I do know it's hard to meet great artists like you guys, so I'm not going to worry about it.

Will it lead to publication? Maybe. Who knows?

I wouldn't ming getting a novel published. I am also not relying on blogging to make that happen. In fiction, the way to go is the agent. In poetry, it's to do it yourself, get a teaching position, or win a contest.

Could blogging help that? Why not? I say go for it.

Now as far as reality and blogging, and your whole question (or Sean's I would say) about you not sounding like yourself on a blog, I have this to say:

Who cares? Maybe he likes your e-mails because they're personal. I don't know. I can only speak for me, and I feel like blogging is just another art form. I can have whatever voice I want. I am not going to worry if someone says I don't sound like Britney Spears or Jack Spicer. I'm going to say, "That's great," and post a blog, write in my journal, or watch the new Star Wars (which is absolutely fantastic!).

Damn, I love Star Wars. Blogging's not bad either.

3:23 PM

Blogger Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Oh, and another thing...

Do you want to do a magazine, Jim? Why? What is your intention?

3:26 PM

Blogger Sean Mac said...

3. it builds community. publishing is one way of making a passion - and a passion grounded in an art form (writing) - social. blogging also is a making social. those who do it with intensity and perserverence MAY gain the eye of others, but they will gain intensity and perserverence, and come publishing or no (though blogger sez "publish post" and maybe that counts). the work flows, if we let it.
2. i second pirooz. its its own form. a type of mass mail +. somewhere between a private conversation and a public one. is sean being crochety? some will prefer the personal tone, some will veer towards the public. why blog? to fuck this up. there are no rules here other than the ones we make, and we WILL make rules. blogging has an imediacy to it, a type of street-corner visibility, if only to a small crew. Well, in the writing world - in almost any world - its always only to a small crew. Tis a place to begin, and practice.

Why do i blog? Its a little like a dojo. Zines, readings, etc, never have that feel. And who writes essays amoing us? Critiques? Blogs are a meeting space,a feeding space, watering holes, bring what we may.

1. SofQ. I'd add- these are the poets whose poems are primarily illustrations of some unwritten other, i.e. poems "about" some experience or idea which is primary, and to which they are secondary, to which they serve, like shadows. Like a good illustration, they aim towards a certain animated faithfulness, and the saddest part is how veyr unanimated their faithfulness tends towards, and how the illustration invariably betrays its host/source/intention. In fact, reading them this way makes them interesting,a reading against the grain. The grain is boring if moderately palatable though, hence its roll in institutions, as nutritive and exciting as a school lunch.

Plus Silliman has a gazillion major grudges with that school, rangign from the private to the theoretical. Its like hearing Nam vets talk about the Viet Cong. But its the SofQ who still hold a great deal of the instituional power of the poetry world, and like Silli says, they refuse to come out and even say they are a movement, style, or tendency, they tend to really believe that (because they are the majority) that they are a natural norm, an everything diffeent a deviation (often perversion) from them. Hence a good # of all yr rejections, sir.

4:28 PM


I met Vader at the Star Wars movie (which i loved). He was standing outside the Cinaplex. Hello, I said and shook his hand. He told me to enjoy the film. He was friendly despite the California heat. His costume seemed different than the persona. I asked him if he blogged. "No. " He said. I asked him if he knew my friend Sean. He showed me his Sean Costume, it was in the back of his Toyota. "I didn't know Vader drove a Toyota." I said. "I don't, I loaned it from a friend." He said. And, I guess that made enough sense to me. i'm thinking of costumes right now. all of us on little hangers in department stores. silly things we all are and funny. i love funny. that's where I'm at right now, in all this.

7:25 PM

Blogger Dylan Hock said...

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8:21 PM

Blogger Dylan Hock said...

First of all, am I the only one who doesn't give a damn about Star Wars?

Secondly, I'm with Pirooz and Kyle. What's the point of worrying about all this? Just do, do, do! (if Sting were Jack Kerouac.)

Seems like things always get muddy and too damn serious when we question it. Frankly, I'm against criticism ("the critics") I'm not into it. It's just a bunch of wind to me. Total biproduct. Not to say I haven't read criticism of value, I'm just saying, personally, I won't bother with writing it. It's impossible to escape the "authoritative" in criticism and as complex an interconnection of the mind and physical experience that varies between every single life, what's the point? Who, ever, is to say they are right and others are wrong for x and y reason? Why can't the work just stand? Folks need jobs I guess.

Blackbird website will begin its formation as soon as I get a certain amount of work to work with. I'm very close. Send me work!

Also, very happy to see Pirooz has jumped in this circle. Hi Pirooz. Hope you are well.

8:24 PM

Anonymous melissa benham said...

sean resisted friendster as well.

this is all very interesting to me as I feel like I am using my artifact blog as a surrogate, not really blogging, not really putting much out there. actually I made it to cut down the amount of time I spend on announcements. somehow I got caught up in all of your conversations, terribly interested like gossip, but perhaps more out of a desire to reconnect, listen in, reclaim that old "inspiration." but what is interesting to me is that I am very hesitant to do my own, in some way thinking I don't have anything much to say, though a great admirer of all you bloggies.

anyway, it doesn't seem to matter if you sound like your blog. I don't "sound" like my poetry. I don't really know what that means anyway, sounding like yourself. if you are yourself & making sound, then how can you not sound like yourself? this just reminded me of a question in I heart huckabees, "how am I not like myself?"

blog on j blog.

12:19 AM


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