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Friday, May 06, 2005


Last night, because Langley is coming soon, we drank Makkoli. Need to get an understanding of this drink so I can act the part of the host. It kicked my ass again. I love that stuff. Swore it off at 8a. it is 11a and I am ready for a bit more. Who wants to meet up for a drink? Guess I’d already taken all the pictures I wanted before we got to the traditional restaurant. T.R. is the place you guys would probably most like to see. Wooden. On the floor. that drink of the devil. all of these would have been good pictures. Instead you get: 1. In-soon and food. 2. In-soon and beer and jwg. why smile when you can grimace? Has the finger thing caught on in the States yet? It is all the rage here. Only when you sneak up on a girl can you get a shot without it. Note to self: Investigative poetics. you have a right to know and I have nothing better to do with my time.

yesterday, on the way to school, I fell. Big slip. Wet pants (from rain). Broken umbrella. Jwg was almost unharmed. Who is this jwg I hear so much about? it better not be the author talking in 3rd person.

rejection from University of Georgia. You know what, jwg rejects you too. Now how do you feel big shot?


Blogger Sean Mac said...

That last line couple lines is the best piece of literature ever. I laughed so hard I clapped. My hands. Together. Not sure why. To celebrate?

5:52 PM


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