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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Free Speech

Received this today from Sean MacInnes.

I've recently been afforded a wonderful job opportunity at Free Speech TV right here in beautiful Boulder, CO. I'm working as Production Coordinator on a show called "SourceCode". It's a weekly half hour show in a ten-part series beginning to air in September in which we will be critiquing current issues through the lens of "Empire". Hmm?

The attachment I've sent along is for a weekly segment called Activist Nation, which is specifically for quote unquote grassroots filmmakers and such.

However, please let me know if you have any wonderful stories you think we should give more development to and send any pertinent contact info to

Free Speech TV is not producer specific, we are a non-profit organization which provides a platform -that is we don't have money to help people make product, but we can help them fundraise and provide a place for their production.

The station just recently visited The National Conference on Media Reform in St. Louis, where we interviewed the likes of Michael Copps, a Democratic Commissioner for the FCC, Tim Walker from Adbusters, Sut Jhally producer of “Hijacking Catastrophe”, musician Patti Smith, John Stauber from PR Watch, Nolan Bowie from Temple University, and John Nichols from The Nation.

In the coming weeks we will be in Washington DC for the Take Back America Conference –look out Howard Dean. Then we stay here in Denver for a Conference on
Investigative Journalism.

You not only have a right to free speech, you have a right to an audience!

Free Speech TV is now accepting short videos and Flash animations to be aired starting in September as a part of our half-hour weekly show "SourceCode”.

Shorts that are selected and contracted for national broadcast on FSTV will receive a nominal $50 fee and a screen credit at the end of the show, including an email or website address for direct viewer response.

Shorts of any genre must be of broadcast quality, in DV, mini DV, or DVD format only, and should be one to four minutes in length.

Selections will be made according to how the short advances the topic of each show as proposed by the following topics concerning National and/or International, Historical and/or Current, Public and/or Personal Stories of:

Military and Political Policies and Events; Demonstrations and Protests; Grassroots Activism, Volunteer Organizations; Urban and Rural Election Issues, Human Rights and Civil Liberties; Opposition to Dissent; Patriotism; Propaganda; Censorship; Immigration Issues: Religious Rights; Separation of Church and State; Destabilization of National Infrastructure including public transportation, health care, educational, and prison systems, etc. The Internet as Global Community; Blogs, etc. Globalization; Privatization; Corporate Consolidation; (Un)Employment; Any of the wide variety of Environmental and Natural Resource Issues, with particular interest in Water Pollution, Water Rights, Drought, and how those Effect Agriculture; and, of course, any thing else you care to shake a stick at!


Send Submissions to:

Free Speech TV
P.O. Box 6060 Boulder, CO 80306
Attention: SourceCode, Activist Nation

Inquiries please email:
Subject: Activist Nation Shorts

Free Speech TV, (DISH Network, channel 9415) and Free Speech Internet Television ( are Non-profit Organizations working in media to cultivate an informed and active citizenry in order to advance progressive social change by promoting participatory democracy, grassroots organizing, and cross-community dialog.


Blogger Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Congratulations Sean! This sounds ideal.

3:38 AM

Blogger Matthew Henriksen said...

Practice Free Speech, Mango, and trade Roberts and Gonzalez for Manny!

9:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

my internet is down in my room, so i am on a yonsei computer. Roberts is the #2 rated player in whole league. (sure he will drop soon). he fills a postion(2nd) that is difficult to fill. Gonzo is playing well right now. I dont think this trade is going to happen. still, it has gotten some serious thought. I just dont know what to do at 2nd without roberts.

11:58 PM


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