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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hazard of the Blog

Reading Silliman’s blog. last two days I have ordered two things he mentioned. First Shiny (from SPD. Think I talked to a Brent. Same one?). then today, Fulcrum 3. Can’t wait to read it. centers on the Berkley renaissance. I finished Poet Be Like God a few months back. I can’t get enough of Spicer, either his work, or about his person (and the people around him). So excited to learn more about the Berkley Renaissance. have you folks in SF gone a looking for Spicer hangouts?

last night some of you received some posts on your blog. if you look now, you will notice they have been erased. Seems I stumbled into a big hazard of blogging. It was too late. I had a bit to drink. Was feeling awfully full of myself (acceptance from Nidus), and I figured I had something to say. So I did. thought I was being helpful. Now realize that I wasn’t being helpful and had nothing of importance to say (what is new?). will try and keep my posts confined to hours that are not considered “the wee morn”.

One of the best things about teaching at Yonsei is getting Wednesday off. Seems like I hardly work. 4 classes, then a day off. 4 classes, then a weekend. just had a few sandwiches delivered. Won’t have to leave the room the rest of the day.


Blogger Sean Mac said...

the same.

7:23 PM

Blogger Sean Mac said...

Jim - my post wasn't so bad. Pesky, yes. But erase as you wish - it gives you a flair for drama - or is it a resemblance to that fellow who wrote to Poetry in the wee morn hours...? Is that what you were erasing?

7:26 PM


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