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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Last night I went out with a few teachers. Good night. (Feel that I only post about the nights when I complain.) Last night we began around 10p (class ends at 9). Ate some Som gyup sal (three layer pork). Reminiscent of bacon. Definitely of the same area of pig. absolutely delicious. grill it at the table. put some sauce on. wrap it in lettuce. and down the hatch. if you love meat, you must try Korean food. but during this meal, Ross broke out the Makkoli (click on the link above). One of his students had brought him some. Fresh. right from her home (? mother's restaurant?). other patrons at the restaurant saw this. We gained respect. lots of thumbs up. I’ve had it a few times. when I drink it my legs are usually the first to go (but I usually drink it at traditional restaurants and we are seated on the ground, so maybe that has to do with lack of circulation). Last night, two glasses, and I had a drunk on. Stuff works fast. Subtle, delicious, sneaky. (it must be fresh though. buy it in the store and it is no good). Matt, when you come out we will give it a go. Feel it a bit this morning. Off to a museum with a painter I met the other day. Hope all is well out there.


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