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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Rejection from Alaska Quarterly.

Rejection from Alaska Quarterly.


Blogger Bryan Ott said...

Hey Jim

Just logged into this thing here. I set up an account, at least I think I did, but you can never be sure with digital technology if any of this is really here or not. Are you reading this?

Just saw your Temple excursion. Note: the similarities between temples in Japan and those in Korea.

You can access my page as well. Though nothing interesting on it exists as of yet and it could potentially remain that way for quite some time.

The Box Man is about to come out of hybernation. He is ready.

I'll send along any an all progress as it develops. May take some time though.
Well, gotta go. Talk to you again soon. And Istill have to read your stuff. But congratulations on all the hardwork and your recent publications. Cool.

3:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love you bryan. you write so beautiful. why have you not update it since may? i miss your blogs, i miss you.

jim congratulation on all you success you deserved the best...

<3 xoxo

11:17 PM


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