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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

where do you want your work

There have been a few comments on this site, and on others, about submissions, and how not to respond to a rejection. So let’s just forget about those pesky rejections. They don’t matter. What I would like to know is where are you submitting? Why are you submitting there? My latest acceptance was at TYPO. I’ve already talked them up, but I will do it again. It is my favorite magazine. Simple, all about the work. The poems wear their clothes well. But I am also submitting to University presses. They look good on the resume. Especially over here. No one knows TYPO, but if I am in the Yale Review, my life turns awfully good. Yale or Harvard equals success in Korea. To be published in either journal would make my life easier, my options would open up.

A bit of honesty here. I haven’t read most journals I submit to. I read who they have accepted, I read what they post online, but that is about it. I don’t think we, as poor poets, should be expected to buy every journal we hope to be included in. What, if the acceptance is less than 1%, you want me to buy 100 journals at 7 -15 bucks a pop, be fair. (being overseas, the library is not much of an option. But even if it was. I figure there are other ways to determine if I like a magazine. Simply, if they publish me, there will be at least one poem that I think rocks, and I suspect that if they think my work rocks, then they will surround it by others that they think rock, and I would be willing to bet that we agree on what rocks and because we do, most likely, the whole magazine will be full of rocks. They like me, I like them. Even if they say no, it does not even pebble, I don’t think that reading my work caused them pain, and if it did, I’d like to cause them more (is it wrong to make jokes about Franz? I hope not, bc that was some wacko stuff he wrote.).)

So who does read these things? How many journals do you subscribe to? I figure I buy around 10 per year. Conduit is the only one I subscribe to, and again, it isn’t a University press, just an independent I think is great. Bought a few 6X6 the other day, and will again, another great independent.

But most of my journal reading occurs online these days. Already mentioned TYPO, another great one is Octopus.

Just curious what your guys thinking is. Who are you shooting for? Why? What rules do you play by? What is the grail, and again, why?


Blogger Dylan Hock said...

Hey JWG,

I've read many journals I've gotten my hands on, usually for free. I haven't gotten too into online journals for the most part because I like to hold it in my hands, but I see the value and resource that it is and frankly, can't deny it. I subscribe to Conjuncions and Poetry. Both very good. Other than that, I keep my eyes and ears open, look for hotspots, watch where my friends are publishing and check out those journals, (where one publishes, there's a good chance others of us can as well.) We need to take over a journal! Send it so much good work it's forced to print us over and over! Bombardment! I've come across so many over the years, but the trouble with underground zines, even larger ones for that matter, is that they can be such a flash in the pan, here one day, gone the next second. No matter what, I read anything my friends publish and that source of publication, other than that, just moving blindly through and groping everything I can for the juice. As for submitting, I've sent to El Pobre Mouse, 3^2, Bombay Gin, Conjunctions, INK: a Literary Brothel, and I need to get moving and send more and more. My problem is balancing the work, making time for pieces more appropriate for zines (size) and working on my novel, along with journals and blogging, when do I have time to live, have some fun, smoke some dope and see my family? Travel? I'm so happy we have these blogs to help each other find our way.

7:42 AM

Blogger Sean Mac said...

shame on me. for about a year now i have wanted to submit work but never have - other than to ONE LESS and just yesterday VIZ, a new journal coming out of Santa Cruz about which I know nada but roxi, the lady putting it togeth. that seems sufficient. there is also being solicited, that rocks - i just got an interview request for perry horton's jounral up in portland - the one richard is going to take on. but i have been slacking on the work - as dylan says, so manybases to cover. but why miss this one? because its social, its a social risk. that's why we're proud of you jim, these daily submittals. good strong stuff.

can i recommend the zine effing out of austin? its got a website and i met scott, their honcho, he is a fine young man. also knows how to throw a punch. effing also has a press, chapbooks, etc., scott also does work for skanky possum.

1:14 PM

Blogger Sean Mac said...

TYPO has a greatlayout. will have to read their work.

so if you want info on sean, email me, and i will forward his latest missive. he is in and out of touch, perhaps being at teresa's will give him more computer access.
(see also teresa's blog)


1:52 PM


one of my friends works on Verse Press in Mass. They put out some really great work and according to my great and lively and wonderful friend named Dan, who i can't speak highly enough about, their press is growing rapidly. Check them out at

2:55 PM

Blogger Teresa Sparks said...

canwehaveourballback? is a fave, because they're quick to repsond and post good work (like mine [ego] and half of all the writers I know). I get all fired up about submitting at the same time I realize that I haven't finished a poem, a narrative, a thing, in some longer than normal amount of time. Not to belabor the point, but daily contact (mind to mind via the magic e-lectronic box) is what lights the fire. I read The Believer every other issue or so, and had a brief affair with 9th Letter out of U of Illinois.

It's a totally different part of the brain, man.

4:17 PM

Blogger JWG said...

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4:42 PM


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