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Friday, June 17, 2005

blogging, crime fighting, and a warning to Matt

now, last night, far as I can tell, I didn’t do any blogging. out dancing, separating drunken white guys who want to fight, just doing my normal drinking and crime fighting Friday night. At some point during that night I lost my backpack. Just so many responsibilities. tough to keep everything in order. (blogging topic soon). but strange thing about the backpack. yesterday was our last day of the semester. I am now on break. I had my passport and the re-up with the school information in it. was walking down the road to the Korean Language Institute, when I decided to turn around and take all this paper work home. So I went out of my way, walked about a quarter of a mile, to put my passport and other info onto my bookshelf. Then I go out that night and lose my backpack (I think this loss will be temporary. There are only two places it could be.). Must be something to it. Did I want to lose my backpack? Was I planning this? I am really going to be a good case for a shrink someday.

Blogging. I have this urge to blog when I come home from drinking. I want to go onto all yr blogs and say hello and tell bad jokes. I want to post on my blog and give you an up to date, blow by blow, memo of my night, full of misspellings and incoherent sentences (not that I want the incoherent and misspellings, but they result), but mainly, I want to harass you. Think last night I avoided it, but if you sometime run into a strange looking blog posted at a normal hour for you and a strange hour for me, let me know and I can dispose of it. Love all you guys. Have a nice day.

Langley, watch out, tonight is the night. Best have your party shoes on, sucka.


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11:37 AM

Blogger Matthew Henriksen said...

I once lost my backpack, too. Someone found it in the parking lot of the Plant Science Building University of Arkansas, where I apparently had slept off part of the night.

1:56 PM


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