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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

books & Birthday

Drinking a PowerAde and recovering. Long Tuesday night. Woke up today to remember that I got 5 books in the mail:

1. A hard cover “pound era”. supper cool. already have a beaten up copy. It has been in the blog before. I suspect it was the cause of my spring time cough. So now I have this bright and shinny book.
2. “the elsewhere community” another book by Hugh Kenner. I own 3, there are a few more coming in the mail.
3. “The Maximus Poems” bc it is time Olson became a part of my life.
4. “The complete poems of Hart Crane” I ordered this and his biography at the same time. Didn’t have any idea who Crane was. Knew the name, but none of his work. In the bio there were examples of his work and, of course, stories from his life. Neither interested me that much. Maybe this book, in a few years, will ring true. However, right now, Crane is of little interest.
5. “discrete series” by george oppen. I ordered this and “A” at the same time. “A” was sent to NC, this was sent to Korea. Very excited to get into oppen. read some of his work in Kenner’s “A homemade world”, loved it, needed it. Thank you professor Kenner.

There has been too much time away from the blog. Missed seeing all of you folks. Today the connection seems to be ok, but who knows… This blogging is truly selfish. Sean asked why I didn’t just send out mass e-mails. Far as I can tell, the reason is that I want unknown people to see me. Also, blogging is not so aggressive. If you don’t want to swing by, you don’t have to. nothing much goes on here anyway. I wouldn’t have sent this post as an e-mail. There is really nothing in it. Why would someone want an e-mail of my reading list? But this blog is also a bit like a public diary. It will be useful to look back and see where I was on different days.

Today is my brother’s birthday. he was the best. a confidant, a humor extraordinaire, a tough guy. he was everything you could want in a brother/friend. The laughs we fell into are sorely missed. Enough of that, Tim, you know where you stand. Happy 26th


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