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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

South East Asian Dream

Kyle was talking about dreams on his blog. I was going to post there, but I’d rather post here, so incase I get lost, I can find my way back. My dream has nothing to do with a bus or a boat. Well, there is the dream of doing a summer writing course on this little island I know right near the Cambodian border, but that is something different, more distant, I need to get good first. This dream is something I think can happen really soon.

I’ve been living in Asia a few years now. I have an understanding of how things work in a few countries. last year I taught in Thailand. Great country. Food, drink, sunshine, easy going style, and, most importantly, cheap. I lived in Bangkok, the most expensive place to live in Thailand. Made only about 1,100 us per month. with that I was able to live in a plush apt. had a maid, my clothes got laundered and pressed. I drank as I like and ate as I liked. Money never really played a factor. Unfortunately I didn’t make enough to save or pay back school debt. So now I am in Korea, doing just that.

The plan is to return to Thailand in about 15 months. This time though, no more Bangkok. Maybe Chiang Mai, Pattaya, who knows. And this time, when I return, I want to teach an online writing course. Make dollars, spend Baht. would also have to teach esl part time to get the papers, but esl is fun, and a few hours of it cause no pain. but this is not the whole dream. the most important part of the dream is to have friends down there. If each of us taught an online course or two, we would be rolling in the bucks and have so much free time to talk and write and adventure around it would be disgusting. How many of you are tired of living in an apt? How many of you are tired of the winter? Working 40hrs per? being isolated? All of this is too easy and too close. This can really happen. all it takes are a few of us. Get yr work published. Get the online teaching job. Go to Thailand. Live like a writer.


Blogger Sean Mac said...

Glad to see the dream approach caught on. Will i be in Thailand in 15 months? I have no reason to say no, and I have Jim Goar to say yes. Please provide link to purchase "live like a writer" - am quite interested in acquiring that commodity. Maybe we will take the buses to Thailand, run those sex positive meth happy motorcyclists right off the road.

2:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you


3:46 AM


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