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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Who is the Blogger Terrorist?

Why do I have a crush on the Blogger Terrorist?

Last night out with Langley. Hit all the regular spots. Sam Gyup Sal. Then Judas and Sabbath. J&S was full of death Metal and drunks singing along. I, of course, sang along. Tried to convince Matt to 1. move to Korea. 2. Start a blog. I think there is a better chance of him starting a blog. Then we went dancing. Or, I went dancing. My moves must be getting old bc I am not getting the reaction anymore. I must be going out during the bad songs bc the floor is often times empty by the time I get off. and when I get off, sit down, the dance floor fills back up. go figure. Tried to make friends last night. “Did you just graduate school?” “What?!” “Did you just graduate from…” “Do I look Korean?” “No.” “Leave me alone!” “Ok” and that was the last attempt I made at being friends with her. Then around 3a we went back to the restaurant. Ate some steak and drank a few more beers. Got a cab back to the dorm. Had to wake up the guard. Nothing quite like an angry middle aged man in tighty whities and a wife beater scolding you in a language you don’t even pretend to understand. And that was pretty much the night. Good loud fun. oh, earlier in the day I brought an extra bed up from storage (for Matt). I now have no floor space in my room, but I have lots of bed space. might keep it like this. just plenty of room to lounge. And we (I) like to lounge. preferably in my blue camouflage boxers from Jcrew (are people still interested?).


Anonymous T. Magnificent said...

Because The Blogger Terrorist Has A Crush On You!

12:33 PM

Blogger Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Ah, yes. The blogger terrorist. This superhero is taking control of the net.

Who is the masked marvel? Do you have a steed?

1:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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J-1 Visa
DOB: 11-17-1981
Status: French Nationalist

Work Address:
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1:52 PM


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