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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Immigration is so yesterday. Now I don’t have to worry about it for a year. got all my paperwork done, paid my $90 and got out of there in about 2 hours. Was reading my book, Bucky, by Hugh Kenner, minding my own, when the guy next to me gave me a ticket. Bumped me up about 20 numbers. He spoke a bit of English. I thanked him. We went our separate ways. International relations. Another nice Japanese guy goes on the list. Speaking of nice Japanese. Check out this link. Seems there is getting to be more and more revisionist history in Japan. Guess those war criminals, those guys who did their fair share of killing and raping in China, Korea, and Taiwan, guess that stuff was all blown out of proportion. They were really just good patriots. Wish my early morning class was still going on, there would be some fun discussions. Don’t know why Japan keeps doing this. Just ask any older Korean if they appreciated Japan’s decades long occupation, and you will find that Japan was not very nice. On a related front, a Korean soldier who had been getting beaten tossed a grenade into his barracks. Met up with some of my students last night and most did not believe that it happened. Most thought the camp was infiltrated. By the North? They were not sure.


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