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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A fun time in the North

A student was leaving the other day to visit a mountain in North Korea. She asked me to hold her book for her. Of course, I asked why. She told me that you could not take any books up. No novels, magazines, comic books, poetry, EFL books, etc. What they did want her to bring was her 100,000 Won (100 bucks) per day. Guess they were afraid that she would pass some knowledge on to the folks in the North. Now, least they can be sure, no Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate course books got into any reactionary hands.

Yes, I held it for her. She came back on Monday and I gave it back.

In case you are curious, I do have problems with visiting North Korea right now. That money goes right to the wrong people. Same goes for Tibet.


Blogger Sean Mac said...

i hear you on that. really dont know what to think bout lonely planet guide books to thibet, or these "spiritual tours" laced with bribes and spies.

not sure there are any such tourbooks for north korea - i think they would be a good read in their own right though.

outside the tibet exhibit, 3-4 protesters with banners and leaflets explaining how these tibetan treasures were usurped by the chinese. nice to see protesters outside a museum - the stakes are high. good.

4:49 PM


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