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Friday, July 29, 2005


Looks like I missed my chance to see war of the worlds in Seoul. Tried today, but didn’t want to wait an hour. Walked home. Been sick for the past few days, this seems to be the first day when I was able to feel myself for about a week. On Monday I taught a whole day with the shakes. Felt great in the worst possible way. Impossible to be bored when you are convulsing and changing from hot to cold. There was interest. My students asked if I was recovering from a tough night. Had to reassure them that no, I was in fact just sick, and to please stop using “frankly speaking” at the beginning of your sentence until I say it is ok to do so. (Frankly speaking, did you drink last night?). But now they cheer me every day. my slightest improvement is met with warm smiles and questions such as “are you more better today?” to which I reply, “yes, please open yr books to page 39, today we are going to talk about comparatives and superlatives.” So we got to talking. And the big key with these things is the syllables. Stupid me, I hadn’t figured it out before, they don’t count the syllables the same way I do. At the moment I can’t recall the word, but even in American English, in two separate parts of the country, the same word is pronounced with 2 or 3 syllables respectively. so if you are trying to figure out if the adj should be a ‘more’ or ‘er’, and can’t count the syllables, then you are going to have some problems in yr self correction. I asked them what they did in jr high, and they said they just memorized the words. Damn lot of memorizing goes on here. Did I mention that we got a good laugh in about 15 times during the 2.5 hour class? Think that is why I am enjoying it so much here. The students are fun. They are funny. Sometimes they are not sure if they are fun or funny, and they get a kick out of that. I think it is a place away from the stress of the normal school, somewhere where they can meet other students and improve their use of this impossible language. Now I have a four day vacation. Tough life.

By the way, enjoying the discussion over at Kyle’s blog.


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welcome back! always curious how your days go...

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