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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Yes from the Harvard Review

Yes from the Harvard Review. Thanks to the wise folks in the library.

Last night I went out with another teacher. Most of the schools are on summer vacation, so most places were pretty empty. Still, and this is for ML, we went to the Sam Gyup Sal place, then to the place with the pool, then ate some of that fried fish. Got home way too late, had too much fun, love that Korea never sleeps.


Blogger rf said...

nice one

3:28 PM

Blogger Sean Mac said...

indeedy. remember to teach me in your course "roots and also-rans of 21st century US poetry". do they still wear corduroy at Hahvad?

6:41 PM

Blogger JWG said...

In Korea they call cordury (is that the sp?) "Golden". Learn it. Remember it.

Sometime, somewhere, this knowledge will save yr life.

12:38 AM

Blogger Paul Adrian M said...

i have a friend who went to harvard a decade or two ago.

great poet i might add.

congrats on your acceptance.


11:24 AM


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