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Monday, August 29, 2005

August is almost over

Dylan asked about our favorite magazines, and I’ve been meaning to say this for the past few days. Octopus, one of the best magazines going, is accepting submissions until the end of August. If you don’t submit in the next few days, you are going to have to wait for another year.


at Samuel’s blog you can take a link to see Schnappi video. you do want to see it.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

what you see in the other direction when you are walking down the road Posted by Picasa

one of the earlier statues Posted by Picasa

turtle and ?  Posted by Picasa

next to the turtle Posted by Picasa

on the walk back down the street Posted by Picasa

another temple Posted by Picasa

temple pic 1 Posted by Picasa

two statues Posted by Picasa

4 statues Posted by Picasa

statues Posted by Picasa

from the bottom of the driveway. you can see the white statues in the distance Posted by Picasa

from outside my house. you can see the window. behind it is part of the temple Posted by Picasa

from the front door Posted by Picasa

From the front door. not huge, but enough Posted by Picasa

a new house

It is all official, I am moving into a new house. It is not quite a house, it shares one wall, but after living in apartments for a few years now, it is close enough. Been living in a dorm for the past 14 months, linoleum floor, blue walls, dirty blinds, Langley can tell you, but now, well let me begin a new sentence. This house is right up next to a huge temple complex, and right behind that are mountains and trails. The house itself is only one room, but it is a big room. could fit 10 people in there comfortably. there are windows all around, including one big arched window. A friend of mine is leaving it, and is only doing so bc his wife came back from the states and wants to have a bit more room, he is sad to be leaving. I am excited to be moving in. Still can walk to school. feels great to be right in the middle of Seoul, and at the same time in the middle of the wilderness. I haven’t seen a place/area like this anywhere else.

pictures soon

Saturday, August 27, 2005

weird deer

an audio post. why not give it a call? would like to hear yr voices. is it worth an overseas call? this is too complicated.

a gift from Pirooz

Read this now, it will make yr day better


an article in the New York Times about letter writing. Of course, it was better in the old days. Of course, the poetry was better then too. Why can’t the young poets of today get it right? Bla bla bla. Take note of the text message correspondence attributed to the young poet.

So, I guess the question is, do we still write letters? Pirooz and I had a long correspondence last year about this time. Went on for months. Don’t know if the letters would be of use to anyone else, but they were of great use to me. Pirooz really helped to kick start my writing again.

But, with the start of this blog, I have found that I have been writing to friends less. The thoughts on this blog are also different in topic and tone than a letter to a friend would be. Don’t know if it is fair to blame the blog for that falling off. I suspect the letter writing will pick back up when one of us needs it to. Until then, this is what you get.

Fascicle and friends

The first issue of fascicle is up and it is huge. How many pages would this thing be if it were in print? I am just beginning to wade through it. Seeing names like Adam Clay, Kharms, MATTHEW HENRIKSEN. Kharms is a nice buffer for it all. Henriksen gives me words to the jaw. Never saw them coming. Looking right and he hits me with a left. Artifact is also mentioned in the local scene section. I need to make some coffee. I need to buy a second set of eyes. Now I am going back to bed to read more about Kim il sung. The link I gave is a view from the north. The book i am reading is not.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Mark Young reading

Mark Young has a reading online. Does what a taped reading should do, it made me wish I was there. Were there drinks afterwards?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

how this works

A reason I love blogs is it keeps me at the computer. Now this is bad for my belly and posture and reading books, but it is good for my writing. Been finding lately that I write in extremely short and incomplete spurts. I’ll be reading something, somewhere, and a thought will hit me, I’ll go back to the poem and work for a bit, get stuck, go back to cruising the internet. This happens over and over and sometimes something of worth comes out of it. Just wrote something I think is good, and I thought I’d share this process with you. Thing is, I am pretty sure the poem is not over. on the first night, I am usually satisfied, but I suspect, when I call it up tomorrow, I will find little problems and will have to search around on blogs and ESPN and Mr. Chew's Asian Beaver(porn) for a few hours until the right thought hits me.

Good luck to you all

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Rain Rain go away come again some other day.

some other or another?

no chance of chasing the clouds away if I can’t even get the chant right.

Monday, August 22, 2005

The Tiny

A yes from The Tiny. Will be out in March of 2006. I am going to be an old man by then. A happy, maybe dirty, old man.

an out class. be careful when you mix soju and beer. Posted by Picasa

at the pool. Posted by Picasa

making friends Posted by Picasa

the person behind the can of corn Posted by Picasa


Feel the weight of a Subday on yr screen, in yr hands, beneath yr nails on the beach. Kyle and Summer have been putting out great books for a few years now. glad to see that the site is up. The king is dead. Long live the king.

Friday, August 19, 2005

No Tell

Cynthia Huntington has written a series of poems that make me excited for the next day. Click over to No Tell first thing, and see what the new one looks like. Or don’t, we are all for peace and love here. My suggestion, start at the bottom with the earliest, and work your way up, or don’t, and read the thing in warp.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

El Pobre

Imagine most of you have swung by Kyle Kaufman’s blog by now. If you haven’t, give it a shot. Kyle also co edits el Pobre Mouse with Sara Larsen. Up till now this little mag existed only in our hearts and on paper. Now there is a website.

Full moon rain

Right now the moon is full, but the sky is cloudy. Come out come out wherever you are.

the last time i was there

In a few days time I will be back to my easy schedule. Work from 7 – 8:30a MTWF. opens up a lot more nap time and more nap time equals more writing. Also seems to open up more late night joy. Speaking of which, I have a vacation coming up from the middle of sept to the beginning of Oct. Something around 3 weeks. Will be going to Thailand. Will be in Bangkok, probably see a beach, then maybe off to Cambodia. I never saw Angkor Watt the last time I was there. It might be a tourist trap worth seeing. Saw plenty of the old stones in Thailand, but this is the big one. The biggest dilemma is deciding which beach to sit on. I know a few in Thailand. One in particular right next to the Cambodian boarder. Last time I was there I read 100 yrs of Solitude (a book i love to read at the beach) for the 3rd time. Woman in the Dunes. Fateless, The Castle (still haven’t finished it), and Under the Volcano. Sat all day in my hammock, smoked what the waiters served, ate what was provided from the Netherlands, and in 10 days nearly lost my mind. The hours of swimming in the ocean were necessary. Don’t know if I need to go back, but it was lovely.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Fantasy Football at ESPN

Fantasy Football is almost here. about half the league is full. Any of you bloggers interested? If so, leave me a note in the box

The Stick

When I was a kid the outfield wall was a chain link fence. There was maybe 20 yards between the left field fence and the stands. when a homerun would come out there, the kids would jump out of the stands and there would always be this huge dog pile on top of the ball. later they put up a green fence and moved the stands right up behind it. Got you closer to bonds, but further from the good ol days.

You’ll also notice the huge area of foul territory. No Giant won the batting title while playing at The Stick. They figured you lose 30 or so at bats per year because of all that room.

with the chain link fence Posted by Picasa

the way i remember it Posted by Picasa

when the outfield was open Posted by Picasa

Been looking at this picture on my blog for a few days now. Does the strange shape of the infield dirt bother anyone else? Everything looks wrong bc of it.

how i spent my childhood summers

Folks around the blog world seem to be putting up cards. Matt. Tony. Needed to get a little Candlestick flavor in there.

“Candlestick Park was built overlooking Candlestick Cove which was named long before due to the now extinct candlestick bird which used to live in the cove.”

Will The Thrill Posted by Picasa

Humm Babby Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Yum! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 13, 2005

a soccer game

The North and the South are having a friendly soccer match today to mark the celebration of independence from the Japanese (august 15th. Monday). The supporters are not going to be allowed to wave South Korean flags. They have been encouraged to wave blue unification flags instead.

In other parts of Seoul there will be Unification rallies, but the South Korean government is a bit worried that civic groups would crash some of the events and burn North Korean flags. They have been warned not to.

``But it is awkward that Lee should have made those remarks. He did not raise his voice when the flags of the United States, more than 50 years an ally to South Korea, were being torn and trodden upon.’’ An anonymous South Korean official

There is a lot of hand wringing in Seoul. For them to cut down on citizens civil liberties bc of the oppressive North is sad. Every time I see a rally against the United States, I see it as a compliment. These protestors are free to protest bc of the ROK, United States and other like minded States that fought here some 50 years ago. Had the South not been supported, Seoul, and the entire peninsula, would be under the rule of the North Korean government, and protests would be out of the question.

The Bushwick Hotel

Why it is not always bad to post poems on the blog. from The Bushwick Hotel by a blogger named Rachel. Could these be any better? I think not. Check it out for yrself.

favorite poem

Was at the page. Was using links from the page. Went to the Favorite Poem Project. Lost of good poems. Thing that is most interesting though are the videos. They get real people (not poets) to talk about their favorite poem and then read it. Some of the folks dusted off their poetry voice, and others didn’t, and all the while I was judging them. Was thinking like I do at a poetry reading. But then I stopped and realized that these people really love the poem, that it moved them. When was the last time I was moved by a poem? I can’t remember. At some point I must have been. Maybe it was Howl before I knew better. But in Grad school, was I ever moved? I don’t think so. I was impressed. I was in love. But I wasn’t moved. Poetry doesn’t mean that, doesn’t do that, to/for me. It hits me in a different place. my poems come from a different place. Thinking about my biggest influences. I am always reading the poem and putting it together, but never does it just tell me where the heart is. A poem that does that annoys me. But for these people, these people who really felt, that was what the poems did. They felt a connection with the poems bc they reminded them of other things. Music does that for me, poetry doesn’t. When I listen to the Dead, not a song goes by without some memory attached to it. Poems though, Can’t think of many that put me in place and time and smell. They don’t transport me to earlier times. They transport me to other worlds. Anyway, I began to feel jealous of these people. I wanted to feel a poem the way these people did instead of always trying to learn something about the art so I could steal it and use it for my own.

I don’t know if I even have a favorite poem. Think Spicer might be my favorite poet today, but tomorrow, most likely will be someone else. things are too transient. This is not a complaint, but I just don’t have the ability these days to say “this is my favorite.” Look at that site, listen to the people talk, if you were approached to do something like these folks did, would you be able to do it?

high grade cartoons

A good reason to click the next blog. Cartoons are the best.

Demonstration on Campus

There is supposed to be a big demonstration at Yonsei University this weekend and continuing until the middle of next week. Seems the school received a fax that over 5,000 students from all over the country were going to descend on the campus starting on Sunday. The last time they did, back in the mid 90s, they took over buildings and set up barricades, and trashed the basketball court (god forbid. Leave the court out of it). The teachers who were here then said we might get our first smell of tear gas.

I asked my students if any of them were going to be protesting, and they assured me they weren’t. I was hoping that some of them would, and I suspect some of them will. how can you say no to the prospects of young revolutionary men and women?

No one is quite sure what to expect. The rally is supposed to be a celebration of Korea’s independence (the 15th of August), but these things usually turn into re-unification displays.

I am reading a book called The Two Koreas. Kim Il Sung made the comment that the students are the moral barometer of Korea. They are expected to take stands when the government is not behaving correctly. And, throughout Korean history, they have. His point was that while there are almost daily anti US protests, they are not any against North Korea.

yesterday while I was walking with a few of my students on our way to get more beer, I asked them to translate what was being said by the early arrivals, the protestors who just could not wait until Sunday. Mostly it was just, “Up with Korea.”, and, “USA out.”

Another thing the protestors are aiming to do is stir up the public sentiment over the letter “K”. Korea, when it began using Romanized text, spelled Korea, Corea. The Japanese changed it to K, bc C comes before J, or at least, that is what my students tell me. Anyway they want to change it back. Most Koreans do. However, think of how many billboards out there would have to be painted again. There are financial considerations involved. They also want the Sea of Japan to be called The East Sea. There is supposed to be historical evidence that its original name was The East Sea, and only recently it was changed, by the Japanese, to The Sea of Japan.

So all of this is going on on Yonsei campus this weekend. Riot Police. Students. JWG getting his drink on and hopefully staying out of trouble. Good excitement. The camera will be ready at all times. You will see what I see.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A post at 6a

Somewhere in a dream last night I dreamt that I’d made it onto Rebecca Loudon’s blog roll. A dream within a dream. Today I’m there. Pinch me.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What is playing at 1052a

What would you expect a marathon of on the classic music station here in Seoul? A Spaghetti Western feast? Well, The Good the Bad and the Ugly soundtrack had been going strong for 45 min or so. Just heard a few from Once Upon a Time in the West. God bless Korea.

Yoshitomo Nara

Think I might go see this show: Yoshitomo Nara

has anyone heard of him?

Monday, August 08, 2005

jwg & Lina Posted by Picasa