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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

coffee house press

just got two books from Coffee House Press. (they are having a great sale. 35% off). “A memoir of Joe Brainard” by Ron Padgett. & “Circle K Cycles” by Karen Tei Yamashita. A few years back I was at the Naropa Summer writing (Camp/festival/project/support group). After one of the readings, Karen Tei Yamashita, after hearing that the party was at my place, asked if we would take her daughter along. I was walking home, so I couldn’t give her a ride. But believe Thomas gave her a ride. Anyway, it was a party like any party. Good fun. I wonder if we watched the world cup. But it (the party) ended. I’m wandering around my house in boxers and no shirt, just being a drunk and listening to music and talking to the dog (everyone else had left), when there is a knock on the door. I open door. Karen Tei Yamashita says hello and apologizes and asks me if I had seen her daughter. I say yes, but that I think Thomas took her home earlier. Does she want to come in and check around? Strange question to ask, but it came bc I was wondering (w/o any hint that she might be) if she was still around. I had this image of her daughter getting it on in the bushes of my back yard, w/ Thomas, of course. (since i was thinking there might be a bit of play going on, that was exactly the wrong question to ask. But there was no reason for me to think there was anything going on. I have no idea why that thought came into my head. Probably just bc a mother was at the door looking for her daughter in the early early morning.) And of course she says no, and heads back to her hotel. I go out back to check and see, and there is no one there. That was my interaction with Karen Tei Yamashita. By the way, her reading that night was one of the highlights of the program.


Blogger Sean Mac said...

I'd say her and her daughter at the party was the highlight. I have no memory of her reading - so much of those summers is a blur. Thomas does have a way with the ladies though... (as long as we're spreading that rep)

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