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Saturday, August 13, 2005

favorite poem

Was at the page. Was using links from the page. Went to the Favorite Poem Project. Lost of good poems. Thing that is most interesting though are the videos. They get real people (not poets) to talk about their favorite poem and then read it. Some of the folks dusted off their poetry voice, and others didn’t, and all the while I was judging them. Was thinking like I do at a poetry reading. But then I stopped and realized that these people really love the poem, that it moved them. When was the last time I was moved by a poem? I can’t remember. At some point I must have been. Maybe it was Howl before I knew better. But in Grad school, was I ever moved? I don’t think so. I was impressed. I was in love. But I wasn’t moved. Poetry doesn’t mean that, doesn’t do that, to/for me. It hits me in a different place. my poems come from a different place. Thinking about my biggest influences. I am always reading the poem and putting it together, but never does it just tell me where the heart is. A poem that does that annoys me. But for these people, these people who really felt, that was what the poems did. They felt a connection with the poems bc they reminded them of other things. Music does that for me, poetry doesn’t. When I listen to the Dead, not a song goes by without some memory attached to it. Poems though, Can’t think of many that put me in place and time and smell. They don’t transport me to earlier times. They transport me to other worlds. Anyway, I began to feel jealous of these people. I wanted to feel a poem the way these people did instead of always trying to learn something about the art so I could steal it and use it for my own.

I don’t know if I even have a favorite poem. Think Spicer might be my favorite poet today, but tomorrow, most likely will be someone else. things are too transient. This is not a complaint, but I just don’t have the ability these days to say “this is my favorite.” Look at that site, listen to the people talk, if you were approached to do something like these folks did, would you be able to do it?


Blogger Sean Mac said...

jim, this is a great reflection. its nice to see you thinking in type on the blog again, i appreciate it. i hear you clearly - for me, there is a tear here between mind and heart - diff. ways of reading, of responding - like you, i think i feel it both ways - the poem invites new worlds, invites reflection and use... and then, a craving for something more, a sense of the thinness of "just" mental ponderign and play in words. but then the raw emotional verse feels too reductive and simplistic and turns me off and i want compelxity there too. but i DO want that relation, that direct heartign of a work. to be inspired.

i know if we keep poking around we will come into work that is doing both these, maybe evewn tying them together, or moving between them - including both. come into this as readers, and as writers. thats when we get handed our superhero capes.

mine is green.

6:11 PM


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