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Thursday, August 25, 2005

how this works

A reason I love blogs is it keeps me at the computer. Now this is bad for my belly and posture and reading books, but it is good for my writing. Been finding lately that I write in extremely short and incomplete spurts. I’ll be reading something, somewhere, and a thought will hit me, I’ll go back to the poem and work for a bit, get stuck, go back to cruising the internet. This happens over and over and sometimes something of worth comes out of it. Just wrote something I think is good, and I thought I’d share this process with you. Thing is, I am pretty sure the poem is not over. on the first night, I am usually satisfied, but I suspect, when I call it up tomorrow, I will find little problems and will have to search around on blogs and ESPN and Mr. Chew's Asian Beaver(porn) for a few hours until the right thought hits me.

Good luck to you all


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