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Thursday, August 18, 2005

the last time i was there

In a few days time I will be back to my easy schedule. Work from 7 – 8:30a MTWF. opens up a lot more nap time and more nap time equals more writing. Also seems to open up more late night joy. Speaking of which, I have a vacation coming up from the middle of sept to the beginning of Oct. Something around 3 weeks. Will be going to Thailand. Will be in Bangkok, probably see a beach, then maybe off to Cambodia. I never saw Angkor Watt the last time I was there. It might be a tourist trap worth seeing. Saw plenty of the old stones in Thailand, but this is the big one. The biggest dilemma is deciding which beach to sit on. I know a few in Thailand. One in particular right next to the Cambodian boarder. Last time I was there I read 100 yrs of Solitude (a book i love to read at the beach) for the 3rd time. Woman in the Dunes. Fateless, The Castle (still haven’t finished it), and Under the Volcano. Sat all day in my hammock, smoked what the waiters served, ate what was provided from the Netherlands, and in 10 days nearly lost my mind. The hours of swimming in the ocean were necessary. Don’t know if I need to go back, but it was lovely.


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