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Thursday, August 04, 2005

lead me to yr online work

why is it that some people who have published work online do not link directly to their work from their blog? This has been a frustration of mine from the beginning.


Blogger Radish King said...

Why frustrated?

5:11 PM

Blogger Radish King said...

The beginning of what?

5:12 PM

Blogger Radish King said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:28 PM

Blogger JWG said...

When I meet poets, I want to read their work. Very simple. I am curious. Why make it hard? If you dont post your links, i need to do a name search and find you that way.

q#2. Since i began reading blogs.

10:02 PM

Blogger Radish King said...

If I find a poet whose work I like, I seek out their work whether by name search or by going to the library. There are some (many) poets with blogs whose poetry bores the crap out of me. I don't seek out their work and I don't click on links to their work, though I like to read their blogs.

I guess I don't go to POETRYWORLD via blogs. I read blogs for gossip and fun and stimulation and community.

I read poetry journals and books (chapbooks, collections,etc.) for poetry.

12:20 PM

Blogger Radish King said...

Disclaimer: If I read a blog and think the blog is crappy and if I suspect the person who wrote the blog is probably also a crappy poet,I might click a link to a poem on that blog and read the first line of the poem to prove to myself that my instincts are still finely honed.

Have I found a good poem this way? (A poem I will think about all day.)


There is lots of mediocre poetry out there, everywhere. I just don't have time for it, even if I adore the poet who wrote it.

12:23 PM

Blogger JWG said...

I hear you. right now i smell like smoke. dancing too long (is that possible?).

But there are some poets whose work i like (you for example.). Each blog is that persons, they can do what they like (they have my permision), just that I'd like to be able to go to yr blog and see all of yr work. And yes, I've done a name search, and I've seen some of the pieces.

I agree with you that the blog is for gossip, but when i like the gab, i'd like to be able to see what they are doing.

We are poets after all.

1:36 PM

Blogger Radish King said...

Buy my book!

(Or e-mail me pretty and I'll mail you a copy.)


p.s. If your feet are on fire and that's why you smell smoke, then yes, you might have danced too long. Or too hard.

1:50 PM


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