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Saturday, August 27, 2005


an article in the New York Times about letter writing. Of course, it was better in the old days. Of course, the poetry was better then too. Why can’t the young poets of today get it right? Bla bla bla. Take note of the text message correspondence attributed to the young poet.

So, I guess the question is, do we still write letters? Pirooz and I had a long correspondence last year about this time. Went on for months. Don’t know if the letters would be of use to anyone else, but they were of great use to me. Pirooz really helped to kick start my writing again.

But, with the start of this blog, I have found that I have been writing to friends less. The thoughts on this blog are also different in topic and tone than a letter to a friend would be. Don’t know if it is fair to blame the blog for that falling off. I suspect the letter writing will pick back up when one of us needs it to. Until then, this is what you get.


Blogger Teresa Sparks said...

Kyle and I had a long email exchange last year (not the same, I know), Sara* and I wrote actual paper letters for a year or so and then stopped (why did we stop, Sara*? Maybe we weren't interesting one another so much anymore). Summer and I have started exchanging letters. It definitely helps to be writing -to- someone. It stops my tendency towards self-referential spirals. The same reason I miss class sometimes, and why the blogging thing is good - the writing to.

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