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Sunday, August 28, 2005

a new house

It is all official, I am moving into a new house. It is not quite a house, it shares one wall, but after living in apartments for a few years now, it is close enough. Been living in a dorm for the past 14 months, linoleum floor, blue walls, dirty blinds, Langley can tell you, but now, well let me begin a new sentence. This house is right up next to a huge temple complex, and right behind that are mountains and trails. The house itself is only one room, but it is a big room. could fit 10 people in there comfortably. there are windows all around, including one big arched window. A friend of mine is leaving it, and is only doing so bc his wife came back from the states and wants to have a bit more room, he is sad to be leaving. I am excited to be moving in. Still can walk to school. feels great to be right in the middle of Seoul, and at the same time in the middle of the wilderness. I haven’t seen a place/area like this anywhere else.

pictures soon


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful, man -- congrats.


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