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Monday, August 01, 2005

Thin Man of pause

Began a fantasy football league today. If anyone is interested, let me know. The draft is tentatively scheduled for next Sunday (between 10a and 8a for you folks in the states).

I now have Stacy’s paintings up on my wall right next to my computer and books.

I’ve been hitting the next blog button quite often today. What I found: Self help. Hot babes. Lots of folks from Malaysia and India. A few poem blogs. What I did not see that I saw last time: Cock shots (as seen on Friday when i pressed the next button). When I first got to Korea I signed up for this internet dating service. It was for adults, so people put up all kinds of pictures. spent plenty of time looking at the girls. Most of the girls were clothed, a few were not. Decided to check out my competition. Clicked on the guys. All naked. Most just cock shots. No face, no body, just close up cock.

for those of you who care, JWG was clothed. Did send some pictures of my feet to one girl (think it was a girl. Just as likely a Bubba in Georgia is getting off on my big toe).

I began looking at houses in Chiang Rai and Pattaya. Neither place is all that expensive to live. Chiang Rai has the mountains and the clean. Pattaya has the beach and the dirty.

Watching the Thin Man. Stopped to look up this cold medicine I am taking. Turns out it is herbal. Some sort of mustard. Sore throat and cough is easy to mime, think I was diagnosed correctly.

Time to finish up the movie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:28 AM

Blogger richard lopez said...

good movie, love myrna loy and the expressions of william powell. heard loy took her last name from the poet mina loy. can't vouch for it, but man myrna loy is lovely to look at!

12:29 AM

Blogger JWG said...

It was a great movie (Loy might be the perfect woman. Beautiful, smart, She took a punch like a champ). figure many of the one liners we hear today came from it. counted a few that seemed old, but must have been new, were they new there? Today i watched Black and White in Color. Nothing like a priest on a bicycle for a good laugh.

8:23 AM

Blogger Sean Mac said...

what one liners?

4:05 PM


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