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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Yoshitomo Nara

Think I might go see this show: Yoshitomo Nara

has anyone heard of him?


Blogger richard lopez said...

saw his work at the sfmoma a few years ago in a show called _the darker side of playland_ along with takashi murakami. i was impressed by the imagery that i bought the slim catalog. have it beside me as i type. i'm of two-minds about yoshitomo nara, because the paintings and sculptures i've seen are cute, cold, saturated in pop iconography and frightening. but that it is relatively easy to unwrap the horrors of childhood. still, the better creators of childhood terrors, like the writer roald dahl, take such knowledge of horror and raise it to extreme and beautiful degrees. i like his work, especially is sculptures, especially how he is able to extract pop from it. these are works, i find, menacing and distant.

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