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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

8 days w/o

When you are on a little island (Koh Mak) and that little island has wi-fi, but is in the middle of many storms and the one the night before you docked hit the antenna, you are forced into a life without internet.

Got back today and had over 100 messages. four of which were towards my writing. Two rejections. Nice, gentle, asking for more. Two acceptances.

Richard, over at Ellipsis, has taken a series of six prose pieces I wrote in the months following my return from the above island a year or so back. Of all the journals out there, Ellipsis has me the most curious. They are planning to do something very different. They are going to publish every month. How is this going to work? Can the writing stand up over 12 installments? Will they be thin? how does Dennis Hopper look next to Anne Waldman?

The other was an acceptance from Dylan over at Watching the Wheels: a Blackbird. He is also going to be doing something different. There will be audio portions. There will be traditional readings.

I am very happy to be a part of both. Thank you.


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