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Friday, September 09, 2005

effing and what comes next

Don’t want to downplay how excited I am. This is my first book. Whole Milk was my first real love. It was the first thing that I did that I knew was really really good (Pirooz says it is the best thing i have done. I'd say that i have done nothing better). So a thanks to Scott again. I am so happy it is being made at effing.
The relief comes in that I don’t need to worry about it anymore. It will have a place. I get to rest and see what other people think and get on with the writing. Funny, the day I got Whole Milk a home, I began to query around for my other book, which, honestly, I am not even sure is done, think there are still poems in it, but the web sites usual say something like, “send us 10 pages and we will get back to you in 3 months”. So with whole milk out of the way, I can begin trying to find this one a home. Had to get the eldest married off first.

far as getting the other book published, I am going to try to hit some of my favorite small presses before I get on with the prize thing. Already sent queries to Actionbooks, City Lights, and Black Sparrow. Will see how this goes. those contests just seem so cut throat. having to pay all that money and make it just so (bind here, sign there, don’t put you name anywhere). And you don’t know if you are even going to get a read. So I am going to try this way first, and if nothing shakes out, will send to maybe 10 contests around the first of the year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:07 AM

Blogger Dylan Hock said...

Hey Jim, many folks have told me over the years to never send in to something you have to pay for.

11:18 AM

Blogger JWG said...

I know, but if you win you get a gold medal or something shinny.

7:14 PM

Blogger Teresa Sparks said...

What's his name... wrote The Hope Valley Hubcap King, graduated from Naropa back in the day...Sean something...he won the Hemingway Award with that book, which got him an agent and like his next three books published. He said that after THVHK was finished he submitted it to every contest out there for first books. And all of them charge. So he submitted it for a year, paid every time, and placed in two contests and won the Hemingway. Another perspective.

12:49 PM

Blogger Sean Mac said...

go yr own crazy way - and let us know if it hurts. very much rhinestone and hapiness congrats for your book. and for effing press. scott has good cents.

may you marry off the whole family...

8:59 PM


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