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Thursday, September 29, 2005


I cut the following blurb directly from their web site.

Ellipsis … Literary Serials and Narrative Culture
• Founded in 2005, Ellipsis is on newsstands in major markets throughout the United States and Canada, and is also available internationally by subscription.
• A monthly publication, its first-issue circulation is approximately 6,000.
• Ellipsis is one of only a handful of nationally-distributed, monthly literary magazines that accepts advertising.
• The newsstand price of Ellipsis is considerably less costly – in some instances, 30 to 50% less – than most other periodicals in which original literature is published.
• The aim of Ellipsis is to reinvigorate interest in literature by presenting portions better-suited to modern lifestyles.
• Ellipsis also aims to highlight the role of literature in other media, such as cinema, television and popular music.
• Our inaugural volume contains six-month serials by such established authors as Daniel Wallace, Laird Hunt, Brian Evenson and Steve Almond, as well as three-month serials, short stories and a nine-part serial by rising talent Pirooz M. Kalayeh.
• Ellipsis also presents interviews and articles featuring literary figures like Anne Waldman and Eleni Sikelianos, as well as musicians Steve Schiltz of Longwave, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, and Tim Kasher of Cursive, to name just a few, and actor/director Tim Blake Nelson.
• Further information can be found at our website:


Blogger Sean Mac said...

Its stunning, isn't it? 6,000 circulation? Major market distribution? stunning enough to want me to seperate the PR from the props - but first, props. A man who sells his house to finance a magazine is a rare man. May their new house rise and stand...

(PS - (also) rise young star Pirooz, rise...)

What will happen when one of our friends attains such lofty heights? I just watched Scorcese's Dylan film, No Direction Home, so I'm rambling...

8:16 PM

Blogger JWG said...


That 6,000 jumps out at me too. That is huge. Pirooz’s Whopper Strategies is so good, can’t wait for that many eyes to see it. Truly exciting. I don’t know what Stacy cooked up for the first issue, but she is in there. Sure it will rock the house.

I will be a subscriber until issue 4, then I get to join the fun.

9:39 PM


So glad to see you're a part of it too JWG!

We're all pretty cookin' huh?

So excited about all the stuff you have going on....


3:04 AM

Blogger Sean Mac said...

melissa gets an intvw in the first issue (i think) and then i am in the second (subday). its like a slumber party for all ages. maybe will meet those boys up in portland next wknd., i'll give the scoop if i do...

12:12 AM


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