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Sunday, September 04, 2005

first summer at naropa

Moved to Boulder. Lived in the Naropa dorms. Knew few people. Knew little poetry. I took some classes at the summer program. One of my first teachers was Ange Mlinko. I wonder if I was the only MFA candidate in her class. Did anyone else take the class? Think we made a magazine. Did we make a magazine? That first summer was a blur. The second stands out much more. Then I felt sure enough to fight with teachers and skip class. That first, I was quiet, trying to find my feet, ready to say yes at the drop of a hat. Or should I say “no”? “No” is fine too, whatever you like.

Thinking of that first summer, I believe on the first day, just after orientation, I sat outside Lincoln hall with Dylan. Remember that Sara only wrote with a Sharpie (same thing I was doing at the time). Marlowe and I doing talking turns with Martin. Has anyone heard from Martin? Pirooz and Ross sitting at a bench in the lawn. Do you guys remember Sara (blond girl, was only at Naropa one semester)? Was my first friend. Remember Notley’s reading hurt me. That Joanne Kyger gave me her pen, the type she used, she wanted to give me a gift (I still have it, but it is out of ink). When did I meet everyone else? maybe I will remember later. maybe you can tell me.


Anonymous sean said...

Jim, the fall semester you and Jesse had a BBQ, I came with Yanek.
We played ping pong. So many great memories at that house.

2:35 AM

Blogger Teresa Sparks said...

I met Kyle and Ross in line for some Orientation thing, Nikki right after. Sara* on the front lawn at lunch one day, I think. Stacy and I had printshop together the very first week. Did Dylan and I have a class together? I think I met you at Dylan's one night pre-reading. We smoked and passed a notebook around. Ten or so there. At some point played an epic ping-pong match with Ross in yr garage. But that was later, maybe. With you and Sean it's been after graduation that we talked.

1:57 PM

Blogger Sean Mac said...

i met you a dylan's too - no? i remember teresa's telling. britta, kaisa were there too.

9:07 PM


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