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Friday, September 09, 2005

Hello to the us courts ip

Ever since Silliman posted that he had us gov sites on his site, I've been noticing that i have one too. Maybe Laura Bush is checking out her favorite poets. Who knows, but i am not into the sinister thing, i just figure poets are in all places


Blogger richard lopez said...

hi, don't freak, it's only me. i work for the fed judiciary and read blogs during downtime. fairly recently i've noticed a couple of other poets mentioning the same ip. so there is no govt. spook, that i know of, checking out yr words. at least not me, for i be just another wordsmith whose day job is shuffling paper and dockets for the man. was gonna do this b/c but couldn't find yr email address on can of corn. b/c me, will ya, dude.

12:48 AM

Blogger JWG said...


Hello. please keep coming by. Was just joking about the snoop. Still, glad you were the us, I am always curious who is what IP.

take care


7:52 PM


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