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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Monday night football is shown on Tuesday night in Seoul. Most sporting events are shown live, not sure why AFN decides show this by tape delay. I was at a restaurant with a friend of mine. The game was great. Mike Vick is impossible to tackle or catch. I think he should play center field for the Giants. Whenever the game went to breaks, and you folks at home would get a Bud commercial, we get army commercials. They are really terrible. one just flashes words. these words repeat faster and faster. Sex, STDs, AIDS, Abortion. over and over. Another shows a group of military men building a house. a third is an anti drug commercial where kids, obviously not actors, talk about how bad drugs are. let’s start with the first. Imagine you are in the States, and Korea has a base in the middle of DC and NYC and SF and LA. not outside, right in the middle. And on this station they are flashing these types of words. Don’t you think it would be offensive. Who are they talking about but the women of that country? Seems that they are saying “Korean women are dirty”. just no reason for it. if they want to educate the soldiers, they could do it on the base or in private, no need to broadcast the militaries view of Korean women to all the Koreans across the country. Another deals with building a house. now this is great. good to build houses. But Korean’s don’t want to be reminded. Besides, Korea is the 11th largest economy in the world, it does pretty well taking care of its citizens. maybe 20 yrs ago this commercial would have been appropriate. now it is not. Finally, the commercial with the kids saying no to drugs. nothing all that wrong with it, or should I say, it is harmless. But the thing is, it is so low grade. Something we would make in a middle school social studies class. All in all, all the commercials are made on the cheap. Seems a country with Hollywood and money could make better commercials. Commercials that endear them to the populous instead of offending. The USA should be better at propaganda beyond its boarders than it is. Right now it is in the business of alienation.


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