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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Non-Proliferation Treaty

The Republic of Korea's Foreign Minister Ba Ki-Moon was on Charlie Rose last night. Sorry Charlie but it wasn't an educational interview. Ho-hum, but why not ask the tough question? Does the U.S. have plans to attack North Korea? Well, maybe Charlie didn't ask because we all know the answer? It's there for us all to see. The North will give up it's Nuclear Engery engagements across the board and the U.S. won't attack. Pretty good deal don't you think?

Also on the show, Amhed Aboul Gheit, the Egyptian Foreign Minister spoke of the Egyptian motion at the UN to create new (for lack of a better term) parlimentary procedures when dealing with terrorism. Funny enough, the one set-back the committee faced, defining terrorism, was I think aptly deemed by Gheit as becoming a misnomer, in that the committee, mainly constituents of The Security Council, could not come to an agreement with something Gheit described simply as an attack on civilians. Funny how that works.

Thirdly, a visit with Abdullah Abdullah, Afghanistan's Foreign Minister. Afghanistan is celebrating its first parlimentary elections in thirty years. The foreign minister, who in speaking of his rememberance and friendship with the assasinated former primer minister mentioned reading poetry :) said that it is a testament of rebuilding and reorganization of the country and a solid example of the Taliban's loss of power that the elections happened without a major glitch. He also reassured us that the West with its task in Iraq has not forgotten about Afghanistan.


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