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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Got this e-mail from Kyle today:

el pobre Mouse #3

el pobre Mouse invites all manner of innovative, electric, and alarming work for our third issue. we encourage you to send in poetry, poetics, prose, hybrid, drama, notes, intvws, essays, sketches, diagrams, flowcharts, love notes, crumpled miscellania. we are interested in work that can provoke further work: conversation, contemplation, response.

submission deadline: october 15

we accept submissions electronically, or by mail:

el pobre Mouse
899 Oak Street #7
San Francisco, CA 94117


each copy of our third issue will be hand-assembled, and hand-(spray)painted. as always, el pobre is an act of community, and done with love. we look forward to seeing yr work. issue 1 is sold out. copies of issue 2 are available for $5-10 each, sliding scale, from the above address. each copy is a handmade product of our San Francisco collage parties (all are welcome. if you live in the area, contact us if you'd like to come).

thanks for reading, and please forward,

yours, the eds,
kyle kaufman / sara m larsen

--- kyle kaufman
--one more small passage from Los Dialectica Pobres


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