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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pirooz has a book for sale. check at the bottom of the blog. Can't figure how to put it anywhere else. I've bought it. will see it soon.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

by Stacy and Pirooz Posted by Picasa

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Coming into yr home

I just got an e-mail from Dylan. It informed me of some very very good news. He will be on a reality TV show that investigates the claims of the Da Vinci Code. They are going to fly him all over the world, right to the sites about which these claims were made. They expect millions to watch Dylan and the other cast get to the bottom of this thing. Really really splendid thing. Can’t wait to watch. Probably have to do it through downloads or on tape. A suggestion for Dylan, wear a blackbird T-shirt. Get the interest up. Make yr own mystery.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

There are brown spots on this plant

Other day I was talking about online magazines that were making moves and the fact that all the editors were second graders when I was a second grader (83-84), or at least close to it. Didn’t mention Scott over at Effing bc he isn’t an online publisher of poetry, but he, like me, is balding and born in 75. I’d like to bring attention to all three, balding, poetry, 75. Coincidence, I think not.

On an Effing note, seems Tony Tost's new chap, World Jelly, is ready to order. Look forward to it being in my hands.

And since we are talking about Chaps and drink, Mr. Joseph Massey and Hot Whiskey got together and made something which looks very nice in black and blue. The H. Smith printing press at Naropa was used for the cover. How can I say no? The order has already been made.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Got the good news from Octopus today, they are taking some work. Strange that you could go through an MFA program and still have no idea about magazines and where to submit. How did word get spread before the internet? Up till a year or so ago I would just submit to any magazine. I didn’t know who was making moves. I didn’t know where my work would best fit. Maybe it was better that way. Seems that as soon as my work was ready to be published, it was. When I finally had enough stuff to send around, I finally figured out how to find the right magazines. Start anywhere. Read work. If you like it, submit. If you like one writer, look at their Bio. Check out those magazines. If you like none, check out the links and float around. Not rocket science, but still something that had been beyond me. Now, with blogs, it is even easier. We get to know people and see where they are submitting, and what magazines they are editing.

I am still surprised that my favorite magazines are edited by people who are my age. Maybe it is time to stop feeling so young and realize that this is when things happen (including going bald). That you don’t need to wait until you are 50 to be qualified, you just need to do the work. But how does it get seen? What separates three of my favorite online magazines, Typo and Octopus and Gut Cult, from the others? None of the layouts are all that exciting. What makes them different is the quality of work inside. I love reading them. But how to land those works, how do you get someone to trust you with a piece they love? How do you avoid editing one of the many many magazines that don’t make a difference?

Monday, October 24, 2005

My blog is worth $18,629.82.
How much is your blog worth?

Friday, October 21, 2005

The 3 i have from Stacy. love them all. they surround me. Pirooz's will be here soon. life is good Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 20, 2005

have had this on my computer for so long, think it will stay awhile longer, one of my favorites. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Language learning is a trip. Started in on Spanish when I was a kid. Took it for maybe 8 years and never really progressed past a pre-intermediate level. It never bothered me, I never worked very hard at it, my interest was elsewhere. Now fast-forward a few years. Korean is not Spanish. It is one of those languages the State Dept warns about. Been at this thing for maybe 3 weeks. There are two other teachers from Yonsei taking the class with me. They are much more advanced, had been doing private lessons for a year before beginning Korean 1. Every day I am learning. My Korean is getting better. I can read faster. sometimes I recognize words and use the right forms. But most of the time I don’t. The language learning is going about as well as it could for 3 weeks in. But what I am really getting out of this class is how not to teach a language class. The Korean language is being taught like English was 30 years ago. Grammar, grammar, grammar. Some call and respond. Some reading without comprehension. “What does this word mean?” I asked. “Meaning is not important,” Teacher Kim said. But meaning is important. meaning helps words stick. using chunks of sentences over and over again helps things stick. We are learning the most formal of formal forms. If I have a discussion with the president in Korean, I am set. But if I want to make friends with a girl at a club, she will laugh at me. I need to learn what I want to learn outside of class. How backwards is that? Language should be learned from what the students need to know, not what the teacher/institution wants us to know. Seeing this in my language learning I am even more attentive to the wishes of my students in class. I give them so many chunks each day in class with the hope that they remember one or two. I tell them that they will not be tested on this, but if you put this chunk and this group of words together, you get a nice coherent sentence. We don’t need to learn 3 or four grammar forms in one class, we need to learn one on Monday, and work it over all week. work it until it is our friend and we can use it at the drop of a hat. Like I said though, I am learning, more slowly than the amount of time I invest deserves, but I am learning, this is going to take some time.

The bell still rings every day, but how can you be angry with people who are waking up to pray for your liberation?

Just sent out After Meng Chiao to two contests, both of which require the work to be postmarked Nov 15. If you are playing the game right now, you know which ones those are. There are five more I am going to send it to. The next is Action Books.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bong-won sa

I have written nothing (I’d consider poetry) in the past five weeks. I feel very comfortable with this. There is no anxiety, no wondering if I will write again, no feeling in my stomach of wasting time. I think some of this comes from the completion of a two year project. My second book is done, just needs some editing, but that is something different. I am not sitting in front of a blank screen wondering where the hell this thing will come from. Editing is labor intensive, but not as dependent on magic, I feel much more in control of it. I was out eating chicken and drinking beer with a friend or two, watching Monday night football on AFN (it was taped. we go through great pains all day Tuesday not to find out the score.). He asked me how my Korean study was going. And I told him that I loved it. And why do I love it? I think it is bc it is so time consuming. it is this huge impossible puzzle that I will never put together, but I enjoy the pieces and watching the code work. It is keeping me busy. I think that is what writing does too, it keeps me busy. When I have little breakthroughs in the language (and they are little), I feel a similar rush of understanding that I get when I finally understand a poem. When I can work with it. Again, let me stress, this language study has only begun, and I am a long way off, maybe I will lose interest next week. But I think studying Korean, and having my mind working on it all the time, has deadened the need to beat myself up over not writing. I am giving myself that necessary down time, and feeling alright about it. When I come back to writing, I expect, it will look very different, it always does.

I’ve just moved into my new place. I have Stacy’s pictures hung and more floor space than I know what to do with. I live right under the Bong-won sa temple (click here and read below).

Bongwon-sa Temple
"The head
temple of Buddhism in Korea, which has born the long history and a traditional religious order – Taego Denomination, a denomination of married monks and the second-largest in Korea. At present, Monk Lee Man-bong (Tanchongjang) and Monk Park Song-am (Yongsanje, a Buddhist ritual), both holders of the Important Intangible Cultural Properties, the 48th and 50th respectively, reside here. This temple serves for the modernization of Korea's Buddhism and takes root in Buddhism instruction in the principle of Koreans' life."

It is quiet and full of trees and only a short walk from school. There is a bus stop about 3 minutes walk from here and I can take a bus down into shin chon very easily. every thing is perfect, except for one thing. At 444a every morning, the monks are called to prayer. At 444a every morning, I have been woken up by a bell/gong. It rings for 9 minutes and then goes silent. But while it is ringing, it really rings. I wonder why it has to go on for so long. It only takes one or two rings, and I am awake. Figure if I wanted to be awake, it would only take one. So why so many? Maybe there is something in the numbers, in the duration. I will try and find out. Either way, it is what it is, and I’ll just get up for those ten minutes and study a bit, then go back to sleep.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Pobre Mouse is open till the 15th

El pobre mouse has its deadline coming up soon. It is what a little mag should be. It is made with love by good people. It has staples and poems. Maybe there are more out there like it, but I haven’t seen any, and besides, this mouse has won my heart. Take a look at the site. look at the people. they are having fun. Don’t you want to have fun?

Saturday, October 08, 2005


There is only so long you can gloat over being a fantasy baseball champ, my time has come, and gone, now I am just like the rest of you again. Speaking of again, go to this site and type in yr birth date and it will tell you who you were last time round. I was an American Indian woman, maybe assassin, private eye; I implanted hope in the hearts of others. I think that rocks.

I have been staying away from the blog bc I have been getting closer to the Korean. I am officially a student again. I’ve been to 4 classes, each 3 hours long, I am getting somewhere. I can make sounds, not always the right sounds, I can say that I am a Korean student, and that I love Korea. Figure now I have love and student, and those two words might come in handy on Saturday night. And tonight is Saturday, but I am in. not going out. have to move tomorrow. The move is short, and most of the boxes are packed, and I can’t wait to get out of the dorm. Ready to be a big boy again, a big boy who can speak an itsy bitsy bit of Korean. Baby steps.

Monday, October 03, 2005

the season is over. I won. And that feels pretty ok with me

1 Pickled Mango248+1.515 29
2 Portland Potshots240+0.57 15
3 The Nolens Volens232.5-2.518 176
4 Bad Horse230+117 97
5 Slaughterhouse Nine217+0.519 29
6 The Scaffold216-0.514 52
7 Good-Wood-Pork-Cork190.5-411 98
8 The Singing Knives190+416 89
9 Hott Dixx184.5+23 11
10 Fatty Fatty 2x4166.5-36 107
11 Word Dogs164.5+0.54 5
12 The Ironic Names161.502 7
12 Ann Arbor Martyrs161.5013 92
14 Good Night Nurse159-29 77
15 shut the flap151-110 14
16 Phillies139.5-31 1
17 Quahogs137+1.512 41
18 Dick Nixon124.5+1.58 2
19 Harlequins106.5+35 27

The fantasy baseball season is over. it was an honor to play with such classy guys and gals. They did their best, but, in the end, could do nothing against the monstrosity of the mango. We were a freight train, a bulldozer, a beautiful thing to watch. The forces of nature will now deconstruct the mango, the players will never play together again, it is enough to make me weep. good-bye my confidant, my early morning pass time. It was great. It really was. I’ll never forget you.

your friend


Sunday, October 02, 2005

a great moment in cinema

Beer for breakfast there, two-bit?

Who said it?

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Bali Bombings Leave 19 Dead, 51 Injured

Wi-Fi for all

Hope this happens. had a student who went to london and couldnt believe they didnt have wi-fi. Would be nice if SF and Google would show us how to do it for free.

how my life has changed

Check over at Kyle's to see what a fence cover will do for you.