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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Got the good news from Octopus today, they are taking some work. Strange that you could go through an MFA program and still have no idea about magazines and where to submit. How did word get spread before the internet? Up till a year or so ago I would just submit to any magazine. I didn’t know who was making moves. I didn’t know where my work would best fit. Maybe it was better that way. Seems that as soon as my work was ready to be published, it was. When I finally had enough stuff to send around, I finally figured out how to find the right magazines. Start anywhere. Read work. If you like it, submit. If you like one writer, look at their Bio. Check out those magazines. If you like none, check out the links and float around. Not rocket science, but still something that had been beyond me. Now, with blogs, it is even easier. We get to know people and see where they are submitting, and what magazines they are editing.

I am still surprised that my favorite magazines are edited by people who are my age. Maybe it is time to stop feeling so young and realize that this is when things happen (including going bald). That you don’t need to wait until you are 50 to be qualified, you just need to do the work. But how does it get seen? What separates three of my favorite online magazines, Typo and Octopus and Gut Cult, from the others? None of the layouts are all that exciting. What makes them different is the quality of work inside. I love reading them. But how to land those works, how do you get someone to trust you with a piece they love? How do you avoid editing one of the many many magazines that don’t make a difference?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

balding poets unite and take over!!

scott "eagprvv" pierce

5:05 PM

Blogger Matthew Henriksen said...

I have no idea.

7:35 PM

Blogger Sean Mac said...

thats the big question, and its a lovely one. online or off. heart and soul dont hurt, esp. if a muscly head sits up top. and good ears.

i know, it deflates the mystery to answer things. fine, send me to poet hell, with all the pullitzer prize winners (cept ashberry and oppen).

4:58 PM


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