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Monday, October 03, 2005

the season is over. I won. And that feels pretty ok with me

1 Pickled Mango248+1.515 29
2 Portland Potshots240+0.57 15
3 The Nolens Volens232.5-2.518 176
4 Bad Horse230+117 97
5 Slaughterhouse Nine217+0.519 29
6 The Scaffold216-0.514 52
7 Good-Wood-Pork-Cork190.5-411 98
8 The Singing Knives190+416 89
9 Hott Dixx184.5+23 11
10 Fatty Fatty 2x4166.5-36 107
11 Word Dogs164.5+0.54 5
12 The Ironic Names161.502 7
12 Ann Arbor Martyrs161.5013 92
14 Good Night Nurse159-29 77
15 shut the flap151-110 14
16 Phillies139.5-31 1
17 Quahogs137+1.512 41
18 Dick Nixon124.5+1.58 2
19 Harlequins106.5+35 27


Blogger Matthew Henriksen said...

Good job, jerk face. Next year I am going to uninvite you. I'm not bitter. It's just that fantasy baseball was all I had to live for, and you took that from me, you goddamm genius. I will read every Bill James text, even the obscure early works. Apparently, he has a collection of erotic short stories about Kirby Puckett's squat thighs (these are much better than Anne's Johnny Damon stuff, which isn't hot at all, unlike her gardening prose). I don't know if this is true, about the Bill James stories, nor do I know if anything is _true_, for that manner (except that I am the Little Engine that Could), but I do know that you are my new fantasy baseball hero. Goodbye, Tony Tost. Hello, Mango. Hello, new sorrows. Hello, bourbon.

1:32 PM


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