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Thursday, October 27, 2005

There are brown spots on this plant

Other day I was talking about online magazines that were making moves and the fact that all the editors were second graders when I was a second grader (83-84), or at least close to it. Didn’t mention Scott over at Effing bc he isn’t an online publisher of poetry, but he, like me, is balding and born in 75. I’d like to bring attention to all three, balding, poetry, 75. Coincidence, I think not.

On an Effing note, seems Tony Tost's new chap, World Jelly, is ready to order. Look forward to it being in my hands.

And since we are talking about Chaps and drink, Mr. Joseph Massey and Hot Whiskey got together and made something which looks very nice in black and blue. The H. Smith printing press at Naropa was used for the cover. How can I say no? The order has already been made.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

all three a sign of serious sexual prowess and agility! that's what it says on the label anyway.

I've assumed the thinning (for my cranial status is not yet at the stage of *balding*) is my charge for the sins and infringements of my criminal forefathers. I am happy to pay their debt knowing full well I am piling it onto the souls of my own future offspring etc, but damn them, damn them bastards. I had a gorgeous set of locks once.

scott "qgifydbh" pierce

4:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:37 AM


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