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Sunday, November 20, 2005

The best of friends

I posted last night about being turned away from a club bc I was not Korean. Today I was reading the NY Times. Two very popular books right now in Japan deal in a very ugly way with Korea and China respectively. Nationalism and Racial purity seem to be of the utmost importance in all three of these countries.


Blogger Jason said...

As a young Korean, I resent this excessive nationalism in the three countries, and hope they would get along better as countries in Europe did after WWII.

9:32 PM

Blogger marlowe diego said...

do i dare point out that it took two massive wars and tens of millions dead for europeans to learn this?....also worth noting they learned the same thing after the 30 Years War (roughly 1618-1648, give or take a decade or two and pockets of obstinacy). a rough peace lasted till the french 'peuple' copied the americans and wrote 'the declaration of the rights of man'. 25 years later and europeans tried again to come up with 'lasting peace'....a series of alliances lasting almost 100 years but which eventually made the 1st world war more than just a few local skirmishes.

perhaps we should try being not-human for once.



ps. hooray! today's mystery word a real zinger: wiyyrz....makes you just want to get your skates on do it. whatever 'wiyyrzing' is.

12:56 AM


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