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Thursday, November 03, 2005


This is how I see it. I fly from Seoul to SF. Give a reading at Artifact. Fly from there to Lincoln. give a reading at The Clean Part. Fly to New York. Give a reading at Burning Chair. Along the way I develop groupies. At Artifact, there are only a few. By the time I get to New York, there are so many tickets are being scalped. Three readings. International fame. Figure someone from Europe will see me in NY, at Burning Chair, and bring me to London, and from London a new set of groupies begin, take hold, lay claim. Paris, Berlin. Where in Italy? Where in Northern Africa?

It is definitely cool here in Seoul. The most exciting thing that has happened to me in the past few days was spilling Windex in the super market and seeing every store worker come to my rescue (The Windex had a leak), clean the floor, say they were sorry. I told them it was not their fault. The floor was clean; my pant leg was full of Windex. Tried to retrieve the toothbrushes I’d had in the bag, now all blue on back, tried to give them to me, and I said thank you no.

Today I was asked (in class) why I was a bad speller. Poke-a-dot or pok-a-dot? Why don’t I know?

Walt, Yale, Action, Tupelo, keep an eye out, After Meng Chiao is coming your way. It is in the mail and looking sharp


Blogger JWG said...

polka dot

4:04 AM

Blogger JWG said...

and, just so there is no confusion, I am not booked at any of these readings, it is just a wish list. I have no groupies (that i know of), but am working towards them.

1:27 AM

Blogger Sean Mac said...

Why crawl back to Europe? Why not swing out West, chase the sun across Asia, read Whole Milk to Putin, say hi to the GIs, and end up in SF before reurning to Seoul? Makes so much more sense. This is where the sun sets. Plus you can hit hawaii or thailand on the way home.

Oh, yeah, Werdenfield's back. It's one of those days.

4:53 PM


you are a munchacho and you are the bestest.

11:33 AM


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