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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Guess who i saw

One of my weaknesses as a poet is my inability to shed light on poems. How to talk about these little dandies that exist fully on the page. I read criticism, and love the crit, but wonder if it helps my read. I still think about this, and wish, at times, that the crit would work the way I want it to. Lately thought my thoughts have turned more towards the critical essay as art. It doesn’t need to do anything anymore than a poem needs to do anything. It can be a trigger; it can be a pink binder clip. In the end, it doesn’t even need to be about what it says it is talking about. Now I am reading criticism independent of the poem it is supposed to be talking about and instead reading it as an adventure through the writer’s mind, much the same way I read a poem.

ON this note, it is nice to see that Simon is back. Took his link down long ago, but thanks to Adam Clay, I see that it is time to put that gadget back up. Go Go gadget


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, check some dh lawrence or some guy davenport. where they take you in their essays is not where you think you'll go. it's always a surprise. totally recommend Davenport's Spiritual Geography...


10:22 AM

Blogger JWG said...

Will look at them. Thanks Scott. NC sounded like fun. I will be in NC this december. not sure how far brevard is from Duke and UNC

6:42 PM


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